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Bankster-Zionism responsible for 9/11

Saturday, 04 February 2012 23:51

Zionism is an important tool of a small group of banksters (owners of the Federal Reserve System) to gain world power, the New World Order. They are taking Jewish people as a false flag in order to hide their cruel plan to sacrifice Israel on their way to a new fascist dictatorship over the entire planet. 9/11 is a step to that.

Picture from

Those who don't like the Rothschild's will like this long film:



US/European Mind Control TI Scanning Tour

Saturday, 04 February 2012 21:22

Video about the US/European Testing Tour.
Testing for non-concented implants using RF detection.

This video exposes that electronic domestic terrorism affects all aspects of society.
This is a silent rape. This video shows that the terrorist have no conscience and even torture children.


The International Center against the Abuse of Covert Technologies is a legislative body created to educate the public, our political leaders, and those in position of power about the abuses that arise from the unethical use of electronic technologies.

We are committed to bringing awareness to all aspects of society about these issues on a global basis.
This type of assault on humanity destroys the very essence at what the meaning of being human is. The right to be free, the right to free thinking, and most of all the right to be free from physical assault and torture has to be protected.

Rockefeller wants to chip everybody

Wednesday, 01 February 2012 22:36

Aaron Russo was a brave man. He blew the whistle about Rockefellers plans for the New World Order. One of it's tools: a chip to be implanted in every human.

Aaron Russo had to pay with his life for that......     Thank you Aaron for your courage!

The film mentions the VeriChip. Look to the article on White TV about the VeriChip here.

White TV linked to an interview with Aaron Russo in connection with 9/11. Rockefeller knew long before that 9/11 would happen. How? He is one of the master minders who staged it. It's that simple!


with Swedish text:

Film bevisar tidig Mind Control

Thursday, 26 January 2012 22:52

ABC News-Film med bristfällig svensk översättning över CIA:s tidiga Mind Control program. Även historien om Dr. Frank Olson tas upp. Det är dock numera bevisat att han inte begick självmord utan blev mördad, se White TV:s inslag om Frank Olson mordet.

(Den svenska texten dyker upp, när man klickar direkt på YouTube.)



Scientology Mind Control angeklagt

Saturday, 21 January 2012 23:12

Immer wieder beklagen sich Opfer von Mind Control, Targeted Individuals, dass die Scientology Kirche eine Hand bei der Vermittlung von Mind Control Fernsteuerung und Folter im Spiel hat. Die katholische Kirche weigert sich zu helfen.

Auch stehen wieder Krankenhäuser, diesmal Berlin Friedrichshain, Vivantes Klinikum, in Verdacht, die quälenden Implantate eingepflanzt zu haben.