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Ulrike Meinhof was Mind Controlled and Innocent

Friday, 04 November 2011 00:25

Listen to this short words to learn about the extremely strange story of Ulrike Meinhof's brain: The strange saga of Ulrike Meinhof’s brain.

In 1962, while she was pregnant with her twins, she suffered from extremely strong headache. It is easy to induce headache with pulsed microwave weapons without an implant. Ulrike Meinhof started in 1962 to be the key person in the left-wing German newspaper konkret. She was well known and powerful in Germany which could be a good reason to mind control her. A lot of important journalists are mind controlled.

The suspicion that Ulrike Meinhof got an implant in order to mind control her is overwhelming. The argument that the brain surgery caused the severe changes in her personality is nonsense, because they did not remove anything from her brain in 1962. There was no tumor. Rather, there was a blood vessel in her brain that had swollen. The brain damages which were found after her death do not correspond to the implications of a swollen blood vessel: injuries in the cortex and parts of the brain tissue show substantial scars. That are typical traces from brain implants and microwave beams! The remote controlling, the Mind Control, with a brain implant usually causes strange changes in the personality and character of a targeted individual (TI).

And why did they kept her brain secret during 30 years? Why are the brains from the other RAF members still missing? Why was the brain examined a second time by a psychiatrist, Bernhard Bogerts, in Magdeburg, Germany?

The final proof that Ulrike Meinhof was mind controlled is her own description of strange symptoms, which correspond very well with all the countless testimonies from other TI's all over the world. You can listen to some of them on White TV:

From the period between June 16, 1972 and February 9, 1973:

The feeling, one’s head explodes (the feeling, the top of the skull will simply split, burst open)—

the feeling, one’s spinal column presses into one’s brain

the feeling, one’s brain gradually shrivels up like, like dried fruit, for example—

the feeling, one is constantly, imperceptibly, flooded, one is remote-controlled—

the feeling, one’s associations are hacked away—

the feeling, one pisses the soul out of one’s body, like when one cannot hold water—

the feeling, the cell moves. One wakes up, opens one’s eyes: the cell moves; afternoon, if the sun shines in, it is suddenly still. One cannot get rid of the feeling of motion. One cannot tell whether one shivers from fever or from cold—

one cannot tell why one shivers—one freezes.

The second time (December 12, 1973 until January 3, 1974):

Ears buzzing. Waking up, one feels as if one has been beaten.

The feeling, one moves in slow motion.

The feeling, finding yourself in a vacuum, as if you’re encased in lead.

Afterwards: Shock. As if an iron plate had fallen on your head.

Comparisons, concepts that invade one’s mind:

(Psycho) shredding—

The feeling of traveling through space packed into a barrel so that the acceleration causes your skin to flatten—

Kafka’s penal colony—The version with a bed of nails—

A non-stop rollercoaster ride.

The radio: it offers minimal stress reduction, like when one, for example, reduces one’s speed from 240 to 190.

Her death was no suicide but cold-blooded murder from the same secret services that performed the Mind Control on her.


Electrosmog Damages your Blood

Tuesday, 01 November 2011 00:15

Electrosmog is a huge problem even for those who don't feel the Smog directly:



Hjärnans Frihet: Enkla Mind Control Bevis

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 19:45

Kreaprenörernas höstmöte 2011 hade temat ”Hjärnans frihet” och handlade om hjärnforskning. Trots att forskningsområdet är ett av

perfect replica

de hetaste i världen just nu, är det underligt nog helt tyst om resultat och metoder. Mötet visade att teknik för hjärnkontroll (eng: Mind control - en teknik som kan fjärrstyra djur och människor) finns sedan 50 år tillbaka. Kreaprenörs sekr Lars-Olof (LO) Landin ledde mötet och intervjuade Robert Naeslund om bl.a. hans egna erfarenheter och hans mångåriga research. Filmen ger en sammanfattning av datorutvecklingen under 60 år och att hjärnkontroll är en realitet. Trots detta förekommer ingen etisk diskussion om detta och Kreaprenörerna frågar sig varför? Kreaprenör är en tankesmedja i Medvetandeeran och kommer att fortsätta att sprida kunskap om den kontroversiella hjärnforskningen.


Waco Mind Control operation by super criminal organisation: FBI

Tuesday, 18 October 2011 21:49

"David Koresh was a long time CIA asset. Waco had been a CIA center for mind control every since the end of World War Two. Many of the German mind control scientists were brought to Waco to continue their experiments.....Gunther explained to me that there were only seven fully programmed mind control "sleepers" in the Davidian Compound. For a more complete explanation on how mind controlled "sleepers" are created, you can read Operation Open Eyes MIND CONTROL IN AMERIKA ~ Five Easy Steps To Create A Manchurian Candidate! .....Gunther told me that the Waco "sleepers" had somehow been triggered, and they were preparing to carry out their mission. The "sleepers" in the compound were created to be programmed domestic terrorists."

This is confirmed by Mind Control victim Gunther Russbacher and former law enforcement officer (Retired Sergeant with a California Bay Area Police Department) Raymond Ronald Karczewski.

For me Waco was a pretext for sacrificing humans in order to produce as much suffering as possible. There are mighty interests who harvest on human suffering. White TV will at a later stage reveal who those interests are.

Defender First Device that Helps TI's

Tuesday, 18 October 2011 00:48

Since more than 60 years TI's (targeted individuals) have tried to escape the Mind Control torture. Now two TI's have tested the Defender from the American company QuWave positive. The Defender (under Special Function Models) works with scalar waves. That is crucial evidence that the Mind Control torturers are also working with scalar waves. Officially scalar waves are denied by stupid or corrupt physicists, but in secret they are used, f ex in the HAARP facility.

Notice that Magnus speaks a much better English (he was educated at Harvard) than in his first interview, were he speaks a "jammed" English.

The implants are today of nano size given in vaccinations and other medicine, so there is little hope to remove them. Therefore the jamming method with a scalar wave device is currently the only hope.

Look even to the articles "100 years Scalar Waves Conspiracy" and the most important message in "Our Body works with Scalar Waves".

The Defender is a major brake through in the fight to liberate TI's.