Terms of usage

Thursday, 08 July 2010 11:43

1.    White TV is a new media project which wants to stimulate an open debate on numerous subjects that are covered up in mainstream media. In participating at White TV you are contributing to better media climate which will cause better conditions in society. Such a rival to the information channels of the establishment are a magnet for attacks. Therefore it is extremely important that you as a participant take your responsibility for a good tone in the discussions and contribute to an enlightening, tolerant, truthful and love filled debate.  Please:
-    use a civilized wording
-    keep to the theme
-    avoid personal attacks and revealing of personal data where it is to be believed that they should not be published
-    slandering comments against private persons, ethnic or religious groups or women are a no-no
-    insults, slander and sexual harassment are a no-no
-    breach of Common, European or International Law is a no-no

2.    The discussions are monitored in conjunction with the Swedish law which means that every participant is fully liable for their input.  The redaction is constantly scanning all the inputs and eliminates those breaching the Law or the Terms and Conditions of White TV.  Besides that everybody risks to lose points concerning to the point rules (read more here) or being kicked out of the system.  White TV reserves its rights in such cases to even block the IP numbers of usual visitors.

3.    Because the payments under the point system are a gift from White TV there are no legally binding claims on those payments towards White TV.

4.    White TV reserves its right to change the rules on its own discretion even how much is paid in the point system.  White TV does not have the right to change the rules retroactive.

5.    White TV is not responsible for damages or torts caused by members or externals like MI 5/6 or NSA against other members.  White TV is not responsible for negligence.  White TV is not responsible for Towahs part.

6.    Everybody who comes with an input to White TV automatically permits that copyrights or other rights may be used and published by everybody and that there is no infringement of the copyright or other rights of third persons in those inputs.  White TV is not responsible for copyright or other rights infringement as far as White TV hasn't contributed itself with the input.

7.    Should White TV be hold liable because of a members input White TV has the right to hold that the member directly liable, both for White TV’s and third persons damage.  If  there is a credit in those cases on the Members Towah account White TV has the right to take that money until the claim is settled.

8.    The private relationship between members and White TV is ruled by German law.  Forum is the district court of Hamburg because it accepts the English language in litigation and German judges are generally better educated than those of the other countries and not as easy influenced by the establishment which raises the chance for a fair judgment.