100 years Scalar Waves Conspiracy

Thursday, 13 October 2011 20:34

White TV wants to liberate targeted individuals (TI), people who are made tortured robots with Mind Control technology. A lot of TI's have complained that they do not find shelter in a Faraday cage, where no electromagnetic radiation gets access. Others tried to hide 700 meters deep in a mine. Nothing helped.

An other Ti reported that she triggers the theft alarm in shopping malls without taking anything.

This led to the suspicion that the Mind Control technology is based on a different kind of waves: scalar waves.

Nikola Tesla has detected scalar waves for more than 100 years ago. In his Colorado Springs 1899 experiments he could transfer electric energy to light bulbs in 42 km distance without a cable in-between. The bulbs got more energy in spite this long distance than Tesla sent away. (Loading free energy from the vacuum) The scalar wave transferring the energy moved quicker than light and had the character of a longitudinal wave, not a transversal wave, as Hertz has found.

The German Prof. Konstantin Meyl has rebuilt and confirmed the epochal research of Nikola Tesla. For Meyl the scalar waves are an aspect of the neutrinos.

A scalar wave resembles more a field than a wave, which gives reference to the old aether theory from Christian Huygens. The scalar wave is an aspect of the free energy also detected by Wilhelm Reich: orgon energy, which he used to build car engines running on free energy and cloudbusters making rain in deserts.

Wilhelm Reich and his cloudbuster

All aspects of free energy have been brutally suppressed by secret powers. Tesla never got the noble prize, the scientific establishment destroyed his reputation and he died poor and lonely. James Clerk Maxwells (1831-79) equation on waves was shortly after his suspiciously early demise falsified by Heaviside und Gibbs. They eliminated the vital part on scalar waves in the Maxwell wave equation. Most universities deny scalar waves still today.

James Clerk Maxwell

Wilhelm Reichs books were burned by the Nazis, communists and in the USA during McCarthy. Finally the CIA/FBI murdered Reich in 1957.

In the USA Tom Bearden is the well known follower of Tesla with his vacuum energy teaching.

Have a look at the scalar wave introduction film by Prof. Konstantin Meyl: