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Nya och många bevis för Midterms 2022 valfusk, USA en diktatur, Brasilien protesterar bättre!

2022-11-16 11:12

Eftersom Stew Peters publicerar sina inslag på oseriösa Censur-Rumble, så förlorar jag inbäddnings funktionen där, om jag gör en ändring i själva min artikel. Därför samlar jag här nya bevis på det massiva amerikanska valfusket.

Another Poll Book Discrepancy Discovered in Virginia…156k Votes Impacted!

BREAKING: Grassroots Group Releases Footage of Maricopa County Ballot Mules Stuffing Ballots in a Drop Box – VIDEO

State Sanctioned Fraud: PA Democrats Vote to Count Stolen Ballots from Elderly at Nursing Homes – Approve Ballot Harvesting of Up to 100 Ballots at a Time

The Truth About Kimberly Yee and the Arizona Election Results

Maricopa County Dumps More Ballots And Will Continue Counting After Stealing from GOP Candidates – Trump-Endorsed Abe Hamadeh Closes In On Democrat Attorney General Opponent

HOW IT’S DONE: Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal!


IT BEGINS: Patriots in Arizona Call for a New Legitimate Midterm Election on December 6

VIDEO MONTAGE, PART 2: Arizona Republican Voters Describe How Ballots Were Not Counted, Ballots Were Tossed in a Box, and People Were Turned Away and Not Allowed in to Vote (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Another Absolutely Fraudulent Ballot Drop Makes Katie Hobbs Arizona Governor – Demons Stole Arizona!

BREAKING HUGE: Arizona Election Expert Says Maricopa County Is Underreporting Ballot Count – Lake Campaign Responds!

"Swoboda told Charlie Kirk Show that 351,000 GOP voters have not even had their vote tabulated yet.  ...

Voters were told to deposit their ballots into “box 3” to be tabulated at the Elections Department in Downtown Phoneix later. The County claims that only 17,000 votes were affected and dropped in “box 3.”

Washoe County, Nevada Election Livestream Goes DARK Overnight – Ballots Dropped 9 Minutes After Cameras Go Dark

This Is How Democracy Dies: Cameras Go Dark for 8 Hours in Washoe County, Nevada – And Now GOP Candidates Are Under Threat of Losing

Gregg Phillips Explains Why He and Catherine Engelbrecht Were Sent to Prison: “we have irrefutable evidence that the entire PA voter registration file is living on a server in China—serial numbers, ballot bundle numbers”

BREAKING: TGP’s Jordan Conradson and RAV’s Ben Bergquam REMOVED from Maricopa Presser — THEN DRONE FOLLOWS THEM FROM PREMISES (VIDEO)

Breaking: Maricopa County Begins Processing Election Day Drop-off Ballots… Still Slow-Walking Ballots – Like a Banana Republic

"How can you conduct an audit when you haven’t finished tabulating the vote?

Why is a state like Florida with 21.5 million people done on election night before midnight, but Arizona, with 7 million people is just now getting to Election Day drop off ballots?

Today the pace was counting 7,000 votes per hour. Florida counted 2million votes per hour. The procedures in place must be completely overhauled. We are the laughing stock of the planet right now.

5:33 AM · Nov 10, 2022"

Maricopa County Now Admits That Over 30% Of Polling Locations Were Affected By Machine Failures, NOT 20% As Previously Stated – But They Want Us To Believe Only 17,000 Ballots Transported For Tabulation

WTH? Sheriff’s Deputies Surround Maricopa County Tabulation Center, Perched On Roof, Barricades and Fence Set Up Around Perimeter

RAV’s Ben Bergquam Banned from Maricopa County Press Room After TGP’s Conradson Was Banned from Room – Real News Not Allowed! (VIDEO)

US Rep Lauren Boebert Pulls Ahead After Multiple Suspicious Ballot Drops for Her Dem Opponent

"US Rep. Lauren Boebert is now ahead in her race for Congress.  She leads her Democrat opponent by more than 300 votes with 96% of the votes counted.  There is no information on why the corrupt election actors in Colorado have not completed her election counting. ....

TGP reported this morning that there were mysterious data dumps in her race all for her opponent that put the slimebag in the lead. These really need to be investigated.

Despite having a corrupt Secretary of State and election fraud thrown in her face, GOP Rep. Boebert is now in the lead."

Emerald Robinson and Mike Lindell Show More “Drop and Roll” Activities in Key 2022 Races

"IT HAPPENED AGAIN! In 2020 and now in 2022. This comes as no surprise.

On Tuesday in the 2022 Midterms, the “Drop and Roll” occurred in the Michigan Governor race just like it happened in the 2020 Presidential Election. It also occurred in the Minnesota Governor’s race, the Georgia Senate race, and GOP Rep. Lauren Boehbert’s race too.

The crooks and criminals are stealing US Elections in multiple ways. One of the biggest ways in which the 2020 Election for President was stolen using the method we labeled “The Drop and Roll.”

In the Drop and Roll incidents in the 2020 Election, we identified that at around the point where 90% of the expected ballots were returned, a large batch of ballots was “dropped” with nearly every ballot for Joe Biden. These batches were as large as 330,000 ballots for Biden in Virginia at one time.

Then, after that point, nearly all the batches of ballots recorded in the election were at the same ratio of Biden to Trump with Biden always receiving more ballots than President Trump. These results were not random and clearly not legitimate.

The drops were always in favor of Biden and now the Democrat candidates in races across the country.    ......

On Tuesday night on Frank Speech, numerous instances of the Drop and Roll in the 2022 Election were uncovered.

Mike Lindell held at least one segment on Frank Speech showing the results in the 2022 Midterms were littered with instances of suspicious data dumps.  Below is a segment from Tuesday night where in real time these ballot drops and adjustments were identified."

UPDATE: Breakdown of the Remaining 621,856 Ballots Left to Count in Arizona Via Kari Lake’s Senior Advisor – “No Mathematical Path for Katie Hobbs” (VIDEO)

"It has been two days since the midterm election and Arizona still has not counted all of the ballots. There are currently 621,856 ballots left to count in the state. Third-world countries have more secure elections than Arizona and several Democrat states in the US."

It Worked Once, Why Not Twice? Here Are Five Ways Democrats are Cheating and Stealing the 2022 Election Like they Did in 2020

“The Drop and Roll” Hit GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert Too – Two Big Drops Put Dem Ahead in Race

Crooks: Nevada Election Officials Say Counting will Stretch into Next Week in US Senate Race

"Clark County Nevada election officials announced on Wednesday that counting will extend into next week in the county.

Republican Adam Laxalt is currently leading the race 49.4% to 47.6% for Catherine Cortez Masto.

84% of the vote is reportedly counted. The rest will take a week?

In case you haven’t noticed, we are dealing with criminals."

EXCLUSIVE: Unexplained Ballot Drop in GA Senate Race Likely Prevented Herschel Walker from Winning Race Outright – ‘Drop and Roll’ Pushed Race to Runoff

"In the Georgia Senate race, a large batch of ballots for Georgia Democrat Senator Warnock was dropped that placed him in the lead, and then the votes after that point in time were near all the same proportion of Warnock to Walker votes. This drop gave Senator Warnock the lead and may have prevented GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker from winning the race outright.

In Georgia, a runoff is held with the top two candidates if neither candidate exceeds 50% of the vote. This ballot “drop” may have prevented Herschel Walker from winning the election outright with more than 50% of the vote.



BREAKING: Unexplained Ballot Drops Occurred in the Minnesota Governor’s Race – Illicit ‘Drop and Roll’ Gave Democrat the Win

"This is how they steal it: Trump-endorsed MAGA candidate Kelly Tshibaka won the most votes in the Alaska Senate race. However, thanks to a crooked system called “ranked-choice voting” introduced by corrupt Never-Trumper Lisa Murkowski and exposed by Project Veritas, Tshibaka still has to fight for the Senate seat she won.  ....

Results in Alaska will be declared the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 23rd, but “if we have to go into disputes or recounts, or litigation, it will take longer. We’re bracing for that. We’ve got all the way until January until they need to swear someone in, so the time frame could drag out until then. We’ve never done this before in Alaska, so everyone’s looking at how close these numbers are, and how small our electorate population is, and saying, we could be in this until January.”


Se även på WTV:

Igen massivt valfusk i Mellanårsvalet 2022, Midterms Voter Fraud, again!;




Igen massivt valfusk i Mellanårsvalet 2022, Midterms Voter Fraud, again!

2022-11-10 13:55

Precis som för två år sedan har den amerikanska demokratin skjutits i sank med massivt röstfusk! Även den med all rätt mycket populäre Obama fick mindre röster än den totalt impopuläre Biden, som fick bara förtroende av 17% i den senaste väljarundersökning.

I motsats till 2020 har det rapporterats mindre fusk ifrån de elektroniska rösträkenmaskinerna från Dominion Voting System. Men det har transporterats många falska Biden-röster till vallokalerna och blockerats eller fördröjts republikanska röster.

I stora Florida kunde alla röster räknas under själva valnatten, i Swingstates, där valfusket är mest utbrett, återstår fortfarande massor med röster att räknas.

Och precis som för två år sedan spelar fuskarna i Maricopa County och Michigan en nyckelroll.

Här ett litet axplock av pålitliga amerikanska media:

BREAKING – THEY DID IT AGAIN! Two Massive Unexplained Ballot Drops Gave Gretchen Whitmer the Lead in Michigan – They Ran a ‘Drop and Roll’ in Michigan Last Night

BREAKING: Maricopa County And Pima County 6 PM Ballot Dump Shows Abe Hamadeh Knocked Out Of Lead, Republican Deficits Increase – ONLY 70% Counted

“I Seriously Feel Like We Are Watching the First Wholly Manufactured Election in Our History” – Roger Stone on the 2022 Election

Well, That’s Odd: Election Map of New York Appears to Show Exact Same Vote Counts For All Red Counties

We Caught Them Again: TGP Catches Late-Night Operatives Moving Van-Loads of Suspicious Ballots Way After Legal Deadline in Detroit, Michigan




Grekiska Kustbevakningen rånmördar syrisk familj brutalt

2022-09-23 20:17

Kanadensiska Global Research rapporterar om ett fruktansvärt rån-massmord på en stor syrisk flyktingfamilj på havet! Vilka vidriga människor! Det är förmodligen inte första gången dessa hemska grekiska massmördare slår till!

"Mohammed Burgess of Latakia, Syria is the sole survivor of the deliberate murder of his entire family by the Greek Coast Guard on Tuesday, September 13. Burgess and his wife and two children boarded a migrant ship in Lebanon and were headed toward Italy when the ship began having problems and finally ran out of diesel fuel. As they were drifting on the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek Coast Guard approached the ship, came alongside, and tied their ship to the Greek ship. The Greek sailors ordered the passengers to disembark and board the Greek ship. After coming on board, the Greek sailors took all the passengers’ cell phones, money, gold jewelry the women were wearing, and luggage. They also beat several of the men without cause.

The Greek ship then began sailing for about five hours, but Burgess did not know the exact direction they were headed because the Greeks refused to have any communication with the passengers. During the five hours, no water was offered to any passenger, including children.

When they finally stopped sailing, the Greek soldiers began taking out and blowing up small plastic dinghies, the type used by vacationers, not military grade. They threw the dinghies into the sea and then pushed four to five passengers into the sea after each dinghy. The passengers were to climb into the dinghy from the sea after leaving everything they had with the Greeks.

Burgess was on the last dinghy, and as he jumped off the Greek ship they accelerated at high speed, which immediately sent up a huge wave in the wake of the Coast Guard vessel, which engulfed the last dinghy which held all of Burgess’ family.

As he jumped toward his family, he saw his wife, their two small children, his wife’s sister, her child, Burgess’ cousin, his wife, and their child floundering in the dinghy as the air valve was not shut properly by the Greeks, and in moments the dinghy was deflating and his family was in the sea.

Burgess began a frantic struggle in the sea trying to hold up his son, while his wife’s heroic actions were to try to keep their other child above water. In her desperate attempt to get her child above the waves, her head was pushed under water and she began to drown. Once she was lost to the sea, her child was helpless and disappeared beneath the waves. Burgess was torn between trying to keep his son alive or trying to turn toward diving beneath the waves to try and rescue his wife or child. He was in an impossible position of not being able to do anything other than concentrate on survival.

He remained swimming until the next morning, but in the night very high waves pulled his son away from him. Burgess had then lost his entire family because of the deliberate and planned actions of the Greek Coast Guard. The Turkish Coast Guard rescued him from the sea later in the morning, and they also retrieved bodies from the sea. The Italian Coast Guard also retrieved some bodies from the sea."



Sätt STOPP för Sveriges pedofila nätverk hos socialtjänsterna! NY Demo 18.9.22 Sergels torg Stockholm

2022-09-16 08:14

Många hemska medarbetare hos kommunernas socialtjänsterna som kidnappar barn och deras chefer för socialnämnden är delar av det extremt mäktiga pedofila nätverket i Sverige. Sätt Stopp för det, kräv ett förbud mot tvångsomhändertagande av barn! Skrota LVU- lagen som missbruks av pedofiler och korrupta domare!

"Hej ........

Vi måste rädda våra barn. Hoppas ni stöttar oss och kommer för samhället är inte på väg alls åt rätt håll.

Yttrandefriheten gäller inte för använder du dig av den tar de dina barn.

Ju fler ju snabbare kan vi rädda våra barn från socialtjänstens vanvård och psykiska misshandel.


Nu på söndag har vi en demonstration mot hur socialtjänsterna, socialnämnd och förvaltningsdomstolarna utan laglig grund och med rässosäkra, osakliga och partiska utredningar tar barn från en eller båda sina föräldrar.

Det ska vara konkreta och påtagliga risker men det räcker med att ett barn får för mycket ketchup eller är rufsig i håret.

Vi är på Sergelstorg kl 12:30. Hoppas ni kommer och tar med alla ni känner.


Sofia Palm "


Se även på WTV:

Svea hovrätt sviker barnet igen i Anna-fallet, hovrättsrådet Emma Regnér bör sparkas;

Förbjud tvångsomhändertagande av barn! Missbruks av pedofilnätverk och oseriösa läkare och soc;

Skandaldomaren Maria Hölcke nonchalerar läkarnas vittnesmål i Anna-fallet, vägrar att utreda pedofilmisstankarna;



Många indikationer på valfusk 2022! Upd 14.9.

2022-09-11 23:00


Det stinker valfusk hela vägen, trots att Valmyndighetens rösträkningsdator inte bröt ihop:

1. Många lämnade valköer som var historiskt långa, tålamodet framförallt för äldre svek. Fördröjningen berodde på avskärmdheten när röstsedeln utvaldes. Detta var ett resultat av förra valets valfusk som även OECD och EU-kommissionen hade anmärkt på. Men istället för att skriva alla partier på en valsedels framsida, som i många andra länder, så fick varje parti egna valsedlar bakom gardinen. Detta bäddar för fusk att i smyg plocka bort valsedlarna för obekväma småpartier, t ex Örebropartiet.

2. Valmyndighetens rösträkningsdator hade redan manipulerats 2018. Denna teknik har naturligtvis förfinats under de senaste åren. Detta kan dock inte bevisas i dagsläget men följande talar starkt för det:

3. Sossarna låg nästan från början konstant på 30 % hela kvällen. Normalt är att det varierar några procent upp och ner under rösträkningen. Dessutom har sossarna gjort en så grymt skadlig politik för alla bilister, näringsidkare, elkonsumenter, pensionärer etc. att de naturligtvis tappat väljare trots många nya medborgarskap för fuskande migranter, som dessutom röstade på Nyans i stora skaror.

4. MP ökade. De var redan 2018 under 4% före valfusket. MP är det tydligaste valfuskbeviset då de är det mest dåraktiga partiet, vilket mycket lätt kan fattas.

5. SD borde ha legat runt 25%. De låg redan 2018 på 20% innan datorn bröt ihop.

6. Blocken ligger jämt precis som för fyra år sedan trots den historiskt dåliga politiken, som plundrat allas plånböcker. Många sömntutor vaknar ju först då!

7. Vänsterpartiet borde fått betydligt fler röster. Men Nooshi Dadgostar är obekväm för den djupa staten då hon inte går att fjärrstyra så lätt och dessutom är mot NATO och mycket annat.

8. Antalet "övriga" sjönk ständigt under kvällen för att till slut hamna på bara 1,5%. Detta är föga troligt med hänsyn till det stora missnöjet mot etablissemanget och det extremt stora antalet nya partier, t ex Knapptryckarna, Svenska Rikslagen, MoD, Partiet Frihet, Nyans m fl. Dessutom visade Sifos mätningar den 17.8.22 att övriga låg på 2,5%.

Se även:

Här är rapporterna om fiffel i vallokalerna


"Misstänkt systematiskt valfusk har avslöjats i Vimmerby. Ett icke oansenligt antal förkryssade valsedlar har hittats i fler än en vallokal i kommunen.

– Vi ser allvarligt på detta. Jag har aldrig hört talas om det tidigare i Vimmerby, säger valnämndens ordförande Leif Larsson."


Synskadade fick fel valsedlar – ”Djupt olyckligt”


SD sprider uppgifter om valfusk i Östersund – kommunen dementerar

Update 14.9.22

eller på Newsvoice:

Valfusket pågår för fullt för att ge Sossarna regeringsmakten

Fria Tider: S verkar ha gynnats av valfusket

Möjligt S-valfusk i Botkyrka


108 procents valdeltagande när S mer än fördubblar antalet röster


"Vi bevittnade flera felaktigheter i valet till kommunfullmäktige i Malmö under söndagen. Flera valsedlar försvann spårlöst från flera vallokaler under dagen för partierna Malmölistan och Medborgerlig Samling Malmö."

Upd 17.9.22

Partiet Nyans överklagar valfusk i Göteborg

Upd 22.9.22

Någon röstade åt svårt demenssjuk man på boende