World Economic Forum WEF och Davos pedofilernas paradis! Child Sex Workers 'Fully Booked' at Davos, WEF Insider Says

2024-01-23 00:22

The Peoples Voice:

Thousands of children have been flown into the World Economic Forum under cover of darkness for the global elite’s annual summit in the Swiss alpine report of Davos, according to World Economic Forum insiders who reveal the horrific scale of the elite’s chosen vice.

Dozens of private jets have been turned into child escort carriers to traffic the children across borders and into the vipers’ den, according to sources familiar with the matter.
None of these children have passports and the majority of them do not have any form of identification. Their past is unknown and their future does not bear thinking about.
We have been warning the world about the child sex trafficking industry for years. During this time, the elite have been hiding in plain sight and furthering their plan to normalize and finally legalize pedophilia.
This evil cannot be allowed to continue. We need your help dismantling a 9,000-year-old Satan-worshipping pedophile cult.

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