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Suicide Programs in Mind Control, Simon Parkes helps

2017-05-26 18:23

Simon Parkes is one of very few who had and has access to the dark powers and gives that knowledge to liberate mind control slaves, targeted individuals (ti). He often detected suicide programs in ti´s, that can be triggered when they awake from the mind controlling or when people like Simon Parkes want to free victims of mind control.

Listen to Simon's interesting and very important comments in his pod 22nd May 2017, the part about suicide programs starts at 1:34:00.

source: Paige Young was the November 1968 Playboy Playmate of the Month and, after years of being used by powerful Hollywood men, she shot herself in the head. She was found dead laying on an American flag, next to a pentagram laid out on the ground, in a room full of pictures on which were written “Hugh Hefner is the devil”.

Paige always seemed in a stupor, a daze, like he was controlling her. All I remember is that their relationship wasn’t healthy,' says Tamara Green, herself a victim of Cosby's" wrote the Daily Mail about Bill Cosby in 2014.

(Paige Young shot herself at the age of 30. At those times around 1974 the trauma based mind control started to brake down and loose control in the ages between 27 and 30. When that happened the automatic suicide program kicked in.)

If you have not seen the vital and pivotal mind control interview with Simon Parkes that White TV did about  two years ago, watch it here:

Simon Parkes reveals Mind Control Secrets;

Simon Parkes confirms that Gold is a Shield against Mind Control;



Åsikt att morgellons är psykisk sjukdom bör leda till psykiatrisk behandling

2017-05-26 00:00


Det finns fortfarande läkare som påstår att morgellons är inbillning och psykisk sjukdom, trots att vi har överväldigande bevis att folk inte inbillar sig morgellons. Sådana läkare bör förlora sin legitimation och själv undersökas om de är psykiskt friska.

Morgellons är anorganiskt material som placeras i kroppen för att i slutändan skapa en cyborg, en blandning mellan människa och maskin. KI:s Macchiarini skandal hör förmodligen hemma här också. De som lider av morgellons är helt enkelt ofrivilliga försökskaniner. Enligt Simon Parkes skall morgellons dessutom öppna små portaler, där negativa varelser skall kunna påverka ifrån den fjärde dimensionen.

Annan morgellons upplysning på WTV:

Morgellons biologisk krigföring mot oss alla;

Morgellons are a real disease, test for cyborgs;

Morgellons orsakad av Chemtrails?

Chemtrails, Morgellons, HAARP, AI och nanoteknologi skall förslava människor till robotar;



Nya bevis för de trögfattade att chemtrails finns, är biologiska vapen

2017-05-20 23:02

Igår var den varmaste dagen i Stockholm trots att några brottslingar försökte skärma av solljuset över Stockholm med chemtrails. Jag tog först enstaka fotos av ett flygplan med min mobil, som plötsligt rakt framför solen började spruta en chemtrail, som löste upp sig till elaka slöjmåln. Denna chemtrail kom inte konstant utan bit för bit, vilket vissa chemtrails gör, men inte alla.

Sedan kort därefter kom ett flygplan som lämnade en vanlig kondensationsstrimma, som försvinner strax efter flygplanet, utan att hänga kvar och breda ut sig som dis. Den hänger konstant efter flygplanet, utan att vara hackad.

foto Henning Witte  chemtrail över centrala Stockholm 19 maj 2017

Chemtrails är biologiska vapen som bör förbjudas omedelbart!

Den andra filmen hittades av Werner Altnickel (utkastad från Greenpeace för sitt anti-chemtrail-engagement), den är mycket bättre än min.

Den tredje hittades av Mikke, ordförande i vårt nya parti Populisterna, som också kräver förbud av chemtrails.

Andra chemtrails-varningar på WTV:

Chemtrails versus contrails i Stockholm 2017-01-19, hela himlen hade konstgjort dis;

Nya chemtrails bevis: utsprutningsrör inbyggt i flygplansmotorn;

Historisk process mot chemtrails i Kanada öppnad;

USA är en bioterrorist med morgellons, neural- och smartdust, chemtrails samt AI som vapen;



Annika Möllström kidnapped by psychiatrists after Sweden had stolen her child for NATO Stay Behind

2017-05-17 21:46


White TV reportetd on the horrible case of Annika Möllström two days ago in Swedish. After the Swedish police broke into her flat with violence she was locked up in Stockholm psychiatry´s notorious section 140 in Danderyd about six weeks ago. I as a lawyer with almost 30 years of experience also had several clients during the last six years being kidnapped by Swedish psychiatry in that section 140 without being mentally ill. My clients had been victims of mind control, targeted individuals (TI), victims of covert technology. That is a huge difference to people being mentaly ill. Neither the mental doctors nor the responsible judges bothered about our overwhelming evidence that mind control exists and that it was applied to my clients.

Annika Möllström is treated against her will with psychopharmaka which do not help sick people and of course not healthy ones.

Sweden acts like the Soviet Union: dissidents end up in mental hospitals which destroy them with false medications.

A friend of Annika Möllström, who had visited her at the mental hospital in Danderyd several times, told White TV yesterday, that the psychiatrists at section 140 in Danderyd/Stockholm take cellphones from her to block her contacts with the outside world and that she is not able to call for help. They also hide Annikas medical reports which is forbidden in Swedish law.

Here is Annikas story:

Save my child from the the US and NATO:s inhuman techniques

"Please investigate my case. My grandfather used to work for the US Staybehind in Sweden. For several reasons, there was a human trade deal set up with the Germany and Russia, stating that a firstborn descendant was to be extradited to Russia. The US and NATO agrees to protect this descendant, but only if this person pays by working for the US Staybehind. The US use mind control and inhuman techniques to train and prime their soldiers, even children. The Swedish government has signed this treaty, ignoring basic children’s rights and human rights.

In the beginning, I was supposed to go. They started to work on me 3 years ago. As I didn’t understand and was unwilling to work for them with their methods, they decided to instead take my 13-year old son. They have already used different techniques to prime him to becoming a perfect Staybehind-sodier: socially, mentally by using mind control, and physically by altering his body and physical development. He is now, as a 13-year old, contracted to work for Swedish Staybehind which is operated by the Swedish Security Service, SÄPO and the Swedish Military. The Swedish military even approved the US Armys manipulation of my son.
This case is silenced as it is very sensitive as Sweden is not officially part of NATO, and as I am challenging NATO and the US inhuman and completely unaccceptable methods.

Even though Sweden is not a full member of NATO, the country is a NATO-ally and must provide Staybehind-armies in order to fulfill the NATO-agreements.
My internet connections, social media and phone connections have been blocked so I haven’t been able reach journalists or human rights lawyers. This is done on purpose by the US and security services.
My children was taken away from me and I was accused of psychiatric problems when I tried to report this in Sweden.
This is completely unacceptable. The NATO and Staybehind ignores all basic rules of human rights and children’s rights. My son is not the only one to be trained like this.
Two weeks ago I was able to fax from a friend’s office. I faxed this letter to UN Human Rights Council in Geneva first. The fax went without problems. Then I faxed it to Human Rights Watch in New York. That fax was blocked. I decided to film the repeated connection failure with my iPhone, and then it went.

But I do not know if you received it. This pattern is wellknown by now – some phone calls are just never connected, or I only reach an answering machine and then my message is never recorded. My communication, including regular mail, is and has been monitored and filtered to prevent me from seeking help and save myself or my son.
Then I understood that the Human Rights Council in Geneva did process my sons case. They never responded to me, but I noticed changes in the surveillance ( I am under surveillance 24/7, physically and all communication is monitored and controlled). Saturday 11th March the UNICEF was invited to protect my sons children’s rights. But Geneva and UNICEF did not hold against the US and NATO military. The agreement that our government has signed with the US was finalized. He has no free will, will be subjected to more mind control – I know because they did the same to me – and will not be able to choose his own life.
This is horrible and completely against all human rights. The Human Rights Council in Geneva failed to defend that. I now turn to you, hoping that you will take this case seriously and address not only my son but all the other children in the NATO-countries who are most likely treated the same way.

Please void this agreement and disclose Genevas failure as it is against human rights to trade with humans.
As the US and security services controls my internet and social media it has been hard to reach me. Here is all my contact information:
Physical address: Annika Mollstrom, Marknadsvägen 111, 1 tr, 183 78 Taby, Sweden
Emails: Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar. Du måste tillåta Javascript för att visa e-postadressen
Twitter: @AnnikaMöllströöm
Instagram: annikamöllström
Facebook: Annika Möllström
LinkedIn: Please add me on Annika Möllström
Please help to support human rights, children’s rights, freedom of speech and freedom of communication. Distribute this information to all media outlets and human rights organizations you can think of. Or the conservative and authoritative powers of Staybehind will control the lives for all of us. 
I have plenty of screen shots and images, however for some reason I cannot publish them in this pressrelease. Contact me

Det svenska larmet om Annika Möllström på WTV:

Alternativjournalist inlåst på Danderyds ökända avdelning 140 för psykiatri om kritik mot NATO;


USA har redan AI-mind control weapons, Trump men inte Obama gav dem till Israel också

2017-05-10 20:52

Konstgjord intelligens, artificial intelligence (AI), är planetens och universums största kända hot i dagsläget. AI kontrolleras av de Archons, som kontrollerar med detta reptiloiderna, som i sin tur kontrollerar homo sapiens sapiens med det i vad vi kallar mind control. Den delen av den djävulska maktpyramiden har vi redan lyckats lista ut. Vad som finns mellan djävulen och de Archons ligger fortfarande höljd i dunkel, David Icke säger att han inte vet och Simon Parkes svarar undvikande.

Simon Parkes kom dock den 7 maj 2017 med det glädjande beskedet, att många mäktiga reptiloider numera också har erkänt faran med AI och anslutit sig att bekämpa den!


John Nagel verkar vara ett trovärdigt vittne, som bekräftar att USA har AI-vapen sedan 2014. Detta är mycket skrämmande, då sådana vapen är helt utan moralisk kontroll och empati. AI-vapen som all AI borde förbjudas omedelbart! Vårt nya parti Populisterna har ett sådant förbud med i sitt partiprogram

på sid. 22:

Cyborgs (”Hubbots” - en hybrid av människa och maskin) ska förbjudas. Kombinationen av Artificiell Intelligens (AI) och biologiska varelser måste stoppas

AI-vapen är ofta liktydiga med mind-control vapen. Syntetisk telepati, som Nagel och de andra ofta talar om i denna mycket viktiga intervjun, är ett annat uttryck för mind control bland insiders.

Obama vägrade ge Israel de amerikanska AI-vapen, vilket bekräftar White TV:s positiva bild om honom, men den utpressade Trump har tyvärr gett dessa hemska vapen till den omänskliga regimen i Israel.

Läs även: Musk, Wozniak and Hawking urge ban on warfare AI and autonomous weapons

Andra AI-varningar på WTV:

David Icke on Reptiles and Archons, AI the biggest danger;

Pokemon Go är artificiell intelligens från Archons, ett datorvirus i universum enligt Simon Parkes;

Archons, reptiloider och barnätande satanister avslöjade av David Icke;

Artificiell intelligens (AI) är världens största hot och fara säger Simon Parkes panel;

Stor skandal att Mario Draghi och Ray Kurzweil var på Nobelfesten men inte SD;

Etheric implants in your aura are also used in mind control;

Etheric Implants by Dr. Henning Witte on 2. Mind Control Conference Berlin;