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Wikileaks have dumped all their files online

Wednesday, 22 April 2020 20:10

Everything from H Clinton’s emails, McCanns being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, P0desta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO Pandemic Preparedness document (from 2009), - SO much data!!! Start searching and see for yourselves... #TheTruthWillOut


Vitamin C in the Prevention & Treatment of Covid-19

Tuesday, 21 April 2020 17:44


Vitamin C in the Prevention &
Treatment of Covid-19
Richard Z. Cheng, M.D., Ph.D.
Cheng Integrative Health Center
Columbia, SC, USA
BaoAn Central Hospital
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
International Society for Orthomolecular
Medicine (ISOM)

Tack till Ulf Bittner för denna info:

Power Ponit presentationen kan laddas ner här .



Almanova: nobelpristagaren Luc Montagnier anser Corona ett biovapen

Monday, 20 April 2020 14:27

Den kände nobelpristagarne från 2008 (HIV) Luc Montagnier anser att Corona är ett biovapen. Han har så rätt:

"Nu börjar forskarna bryta tystnaden om Coronavirusets ursprung. Flera indiska forskare har tidigare påvisat att flera gensegment i SARS2/Covid-2019 har delar från HIV och andra virus. Något som tyder på att flera rekombinationer utförts.

Var har detta skett? Två möjligheter är för handen. Ettdera i naturen eller på laboratorium. På biovapen laboratoriet i Wuhan har forskaren Shi Zhengli med bla forskningmedel från Anthony Faucis i NIAID i USA under tiotalet år arbetat med dessa rekombinerade virus och även hur de uppträder i fladdermöss.
Nu tar världens största auktoritet Nobelpristagaren Luc Montagnier bladet ur munnen. Luc Montagnier var tillsammans med Francoise Barré Sinoussi först i världen att finna HIV i en patient 1983. Nobelpriset fick de först 2008.
I en fransk radiointervju från den 16 april säger han att ett sådant virus som  Coronaviruset inte kan uppkomma i naturen. Det kan bara åstadkommas i ett laboratorium:"

Läs mer på Almanova.

Prof. Luc Montagnier har också samarbetat med Prof. Konstantin Meyl i projektet att döda cancerceller med skalärvågor, se sista filmen nedan.

Se även på WTV:


Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 is also supposed to fight Corona

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 19:33

"Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, H2O2 may help fight the coronavirus, according to Dr. Thomas Levy. He said people can utilize hydrogen peroxide using its aerosolized form in a standard nebulizer.

Levy suggested using at least a 3 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide. It is important to know that some products have higher concentrations and people should inhale only 3 percent." reports Medical Daily.


If you don't want to be infested by the Corona-Panic, you can actively protect yourself now. H2O2 is the all-purpose weapon that neutralizes viruses and other pathogens, so diseases are choked in the germ. No matter what the corona hysteria is all about, you should take the wind out of the sails and directly neutralize viruses with the help of H2O2.

H2O2 is also referred to as Oxygen-Water because it brings Atomic Oxygen O into the body and helps with many diseases. The immune system produces H2O2 constantly, but we can raise the H2O2-levels a bit by supplying it. Unfortunately, this important knowledge is still hidden and suppressed. There's only one option left: Self-Medication! You can now help yourself with this video.

The measures for Corona could escalate further. Self-report at the doctor to voluntarily get sick from toxic medication or forced vaccinations are the wrong strategies. You need to help yourself now and spread the message in your community, in your family, company, sports club etc. Pass on the information to the corporate bosses, maybe they'll finally listen when their financial existence is at risk. You can spray H2O2 into the air in the house / office or inhale it using a nasal pump spray to clean the lungs. In order to protect against acute infectious diseases, H2O2 can be sprayed in the ears, throat and nose.

Anyone who implements this solution for themselves realizes that Corona unfortunately costs us our freedom and the entire social life will be paralyzed. Even politics and the economy are powerless and must watch teeth grinding. The Expert-Talk with Bio-Chemist Dr. Jochen Gartz at the Health-Meeting in Germany makes it obvious that H2O2 is a real Miracle Cure that can be used for so many diseases.

Interview topics:

* H2O2 destroys pathogenic anaerobic viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores...
* Self-medication: Applications of A-Z in all diagnoses
* Documented successes-stories in medicine since 150 years
* Bio-Hacking: Boost the immune system with Atomic Oxygen O
* H2O2 generates O = Atomic Oxygen that cleans the body
* Inhalation by Bill Munro - cured lung cancer and prostate cancer
* Never again sick! Companies can keep their employees healthy
* H2O2 is far superior to all other remedies
* Comparison with MMS, DMSO, Black Salve, Colloidal Silver...
* Nikki Lauda - Summer flu escalates through conventional medicine

Hydrogen superoxide is a forgotten remedy that improves the body's oxygen supply, efficiently eliminates, cleanses and disinfects pathogens and prevents diseases. H2O2 special without toxic stabilizers in highly energized, hexagonal, double-distilled primal water can be found here: <>

Also important homepage on Chlordioxide ClO2 CDS:

Se även om kolloidalt silver mot Corona på WTV:

Kvacksalvaren Björn Olsen konspirerar mot kolloidalt silver, Akademiska sjukhuset bör avskeda honom;

Tips från en tittare:

Hej! Tydligen är Väteperoxid H2O2 borttaget från Apotekets sortiment! Det står så i varje fall i Fass. Även andra mediciner har man tagit bort trots att de registrerades och blev godkända redan 2018! Kommer inte ihåg men det var medicin som stärkte immunförsvaret. TT


Risk att Internet och telefoner stängs ner de närmaste dagarna update 8.4.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 18:00

Många seriösa röster inom alternativ-media varnar nu för att Internet och mobiltelefonsystemet släcks ner för tre dagar eller längre. I USA kanske även fast telefoni drabbas.

Man kan köpa walkie-talkies om man vill ha kontakt med andra.

Filmen om utslagningen av underjordiska baser där många black hats hade sina maktpositioner verkar vara trovärdig. Vid många baser anges om de användes för mind control.

Update 8 april 2020: