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CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons

2011-07-18 21:11

Here you can watch old films from CNN Special Assignment, 1985, on Mind Control Weapons with emphasis on Russian technology from that time. Dr. José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado is also mentioned. He is one of the big devils in Mind Control.



Mind Control Technology already on consumer level

2011-07-11 11:56

In Japan Honda shows how a human brain is able maneuver a robot just by thinking. No cables tied. This is evidence for a human brain-computer (BCI) or Brain Machine Interface (BMI) interface working successfully.

There are a lot of Brain-Computer Interface Projects. In Germany, USA, Wadsworth Center, UK, Austria, Russia, China, (film in Chinese here) etc.


In the next film you see how a mind control head set steers a computer by thoughts. The secret technology always is at least 30 years ahead of the technology allowed to be known and used by the public. Therefore it is now easy to understand that targeted individuals can be remote controlled by a hidden hand (Mossad, MI6, CIA, FSB, SÅPO, FOA) as we showed in White TV by lots of testimonies from ordinary people suffering by the torture of Mind Control.


911 huge gift for American Establishment

2011-07-06 21:39

All American wars since the 19th century have been triggered by a US staged event in order to dupe the American public. The USA sank their own battleship USS Maine sacrificing 266 of it's own sailors to get a "reason" for the war against Spain in 1898. In spite of the fact that US Admiral Hyman G. Rickover 1976 commissioned a  investigation and found out it was not the Spanish who sank the ship most American sources still today blame them. In WW I the US sacrificed the Lusitania placing war material on a civil passenger ferry. The Germans got news about it and even made an advertisement to warn American people to travel with that kind of boats. In WW II Pearl Harbour. Roosevelt knew about the attack in advance, took away the most valuable ships and let the rest and more than 3.000 innocent sailors go to hell.

The Vietnam War was triggered by the Bay of Tonkin lie. The ongoing war in Afghanistan was based on 911 which was staged by CIA and Mossad. Se the brilliant documentary in 10 parts, highlighting the Project for The New American Century, PNAC and a lot of horrible American war crimes.



Project for The New American Century wanted 911

2011-07-06 18:22

The think tank Project for The New American Century (PNAC) stated in September 2000, one year before 911, that "the process...of revolutionary change is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor."



Mind Control and Satanism have close ties

2011-07-05 21:52

The treatment of targeted individuals is satanic. No surprise that Satanism is closely connected to Mind Control.


Marshall Thomas - Project Monarch Michael Aquino by psartekonish