Trumps kidnappning av migrationsbarn hjälper pedofiler + satanister som styr USA

2018-06-20 04:20

I USA förs ingen statistik över de tiotusentals barn som försvinner varje år, för att underlätta för pedofilringarna att utnyttja dem sexuellt eller tortera och äta upp dem i satanistiska kretsar. "the United States has perhaps the biggest child trafficking epidemic in the world. It is important to note, before I begin the next segment of this post, that the FBI does not track statistics for missing children." alarmerar wake up world.
"Perhaps they simply do not want us to know how bad the epidemic is? It should also be noted that FBI prosecution of major child trafficking rings has been virtually non-existent."

källa Aftonbladet

Lyckligtvis kör gammelmedia nu en kampanj mot Donald Trump och USA som har tvingat över 2 000 barn, även spädbarn, separeras ifrån sina föräldrar, eftersom redan Obama stiftat en lag, att illegala immigranter skall anses som kriminella och sådana får inte ha sina barn med sig när de fängslas. Obama tolkade dock lagen aldrig så. Man struntar fullständigt i barnens och föräldrarnas behov. Barnen får inga nya föräldrar utan spärras in i burar som djur. De får varken prata med sina föräldrar eller journalister.

Vad ännu värre är att det finns inga regler eller rutiner hos de amerikanska migrationsmyndigheterna att sammanföra de stulna barnen med föräldrarna igen. De får olika ärendenummer och det går inte att hitta vilka barn som tillhör vilka föräldrar. Det kan hända att en föräldrar skickas tillbaka till Mexiko och barnet måste stanna kvar i USA. De kanske får aldrig komma tillsammans igen.

"What we’re finding is that there is no mechanism, no policy, for communicating or even finding the parents once the child has been separated,” said Megan McKenna, Kind’s senior director of communications and community engagement." skriver The Guardian. "McKenna said when parents and children were separated, they each got individual case numbers that their mother, father, daughter or son did not have access to."

"..... She said other problems included that children might not know why their family was fleeing in the first place, which could affect the outcome of their immigration case.

Another challenge is that advocates don’t know what separated parents want for their children. ......

McKenna said Kind was advocating on behalf of a two-year-old who was separated from her father in March. The father was deported within a month, but as of 12 June, the girl was still in the custody of the US government.

The consequences in terms of human suffering can’t be overestimated,” McKenna said. “Toddlers are being taken from their parents.”

Trump har svikit varenda vallöfte han gav. Han började tillsätta en kommission mot pedofili i USA och nu spelar han dem i händerna med kidnappningen av migranternas barn, även spädbarn.

"Still, the administration had stood by it. President Donald Trump blames Democrats and says his administration is only enforcing laws already on the books, although that’s not true. There are no laws that require children to be separated from their parents, or that call for criminal prosecutions of all undocumented border crossers. Those practices were established by the Trump administration.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has cited passages from the Bible in an attempt to establish religious justification. On Monday, he defended it again saying it was a matter of rule of law,

“We cannot and will not encourage people to bring children by giving them blanket immunity from our laws.”"

skriver en upprörd Global Research och fortsätter:

"In recent days, authorities on the border have begun allowing tightly controlled tours of the facilities that are meant to put a humane face on the policy. But cameras are heavily restricted. And the children being held are not allowed to speak to journalists."

Barnen får alltså varken tala med sina föräldrar eller journalister. "If you’re a parent who has been separated from your child at the border, you may not be able to find them again." skriver Mother Jones. Perfekt mark för pedofiler och satanister som styr USA. Ingen har koll på hur många barn redan har försvunnit till satanister och pedofilringar som bl. a. avslöjades under Hillary Clintons #Pizzagate, som har totalt mörklagts av gammel- och de flesta alternativmedia.

Skandalöst är också att alternativa media inte kritiserar USA:s extremt omänskliga migrationspolitik. Alex Jones påpekar att de torterade migrantbarnen får bättre mat än amerikanska skolbarn men tycker separationen och kontaktförbudet med föräldrarna är helt ok. Man fattar sig för pannan. De svenska semi-alternativa media som ofria Fria Tider eller Samhällsnytt tiger också därför att de på ett primitivt sätt tycker att alla åtgärder emot migranter är bra.

Läs på The Guardian:

Families divided at the border: 'The most horrific immigration policy I've ever seen'


Inga bilder på flickor eller spädbarn ifrån Trumps barnläger. USA vållade flykten från Mellanamerika!

WTV fick följande kommentar i tipsfunktionen:

Angående Trump och separering av barn vid gränsen föreslår jag att läsa följande hos Jim Stone; TRUMP: I will draft an executive order to allow kids to stay with DETAINED PARENTS! HA HA HA, Trump can not only overturn a Clinton policy that was made brutal under Obama, he can totally end catch and release. This new policy will require the construction of "Detainment apartment complexes". Don't worry, THEY CAN BE BUILT IN A WEEK IF CHINA HELPS AND CAN BE COMPLETELY FUNDED BY AID CUTS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES THAT SEND BAD PEOPLE TO THE U.S. That is what is called a win/win. Kids are not separated from their parents, and foreign countries that created the problem lose aid, and there is no change to the overall budget. PERFECT. LIBERAL MEDIA HIPOCRISY They were JUST FINE with child separation at the border when Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama did it, but now that Trump is president, he gets the bash? YEAH RIGHT!!! [bild med mediaklipp från 2003] They just NEVER GIVE UP. ... Child separation policy is not a Trump policy It was Bill Clinton that started it, this has been going on for a long time. Trump just went along with "established policy". So if they try to burn him with the question "Where did all the girls and babies go", it will be difficult to nail Trump for it without explaining all the other years it was in place. So two decades of this crap went by, you can bet the systems of child trafficking are well entrenched. One thing I noticed is it appears they have lots of trolls out there, posting comments about "why does everyone suddenly care about the children" and "The Democrats need to stop whining" and "The Republicans never cared about them before, they are hypocrites for caring now" and yada yada. Every excuse possible to diminish how people react to what is going on. And that by itself speaks volumes. I can't think of anyone with a normal brain that could look at that Wal-mart picture and think it is OK, and not be shocked that it is an improvement over what Obama ran - I can't believe anyone with a normal brain would think it is OK that it cannot be immediately answered where the girls and babies are, - people posting as if they are all upset that people "suddenly care" definitely have something to hide and come off as nothing but naked trolls that are trying to diminish the fact that they have been BUSTED. The troll reactions alone are strong evidence not everything is on the up and up, they probably really are selling off at least a fair number of the girls and babies. Into what? There is plenty to guess.

WTV:s inslag om #Pizzagate och pedofilringar i USA censureras även av Google/Firefox, kanske i samarbete med MSB. När man klickar på

#Pizzagate, Vatikanen, Opus Dei och White House hänger ihop

kommer bilden ovan. Men den är fake. Inslaget är tillgängligt på WTV eller andra browsers.

Varför tiger gammelmedia om barnsex anklagelser mot Donald Trump? De styrs av hans etablissemang!;

Trump är en sionistisk Israel-slickare;

Don Donaldo Trump har maffiarötter;

Trump kunde ha stoppat massmord på kvinnor och barn i Jemen;

Utpressas Trump med våldtäktbevis mot 13-årig flicka?;

Trump och hans galna militärledning vill ha WW3 genom att skjuta ner syriskt flygplan och mord på tusentals civila;

Trump massmördare, tappat makten och svikit sina vallöften;



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