Saudiarabien regeras av terrorister

2016-03-27 20:17

källa; Sverige har tur att Margot Wallström är utrikesminister

Bra att Sveriges utrikesminister Margot Wallström vågade kritisera den grymma regimen i Saudiarabien. Att Jacob Wallenberg gjorde raka motsatsen visar, att Sveriges rikaste man aldrig kan få nog av pengar. En mycket primitiv attityd.

Filmen nedan hittades på sidan Zero Hedge:

"A British television crew recently filmed an undercover documentary in Saudi Arabia in an attempt to penetrate the world’s most secretive and murderous regime. Working with a team of undercover Saudi cameramen, the one hour eye-opener, Exposure: Saudi Arabia Uncovered, was broadcast by ITV on March 22. It reveals the hidden side of the regime, which buys billions of pounds worth of British arms, accepts training from British security forces, sells oil back to the U.K., and enjoys nothing less than red carpet treatment from the British royal family.

After setting up a fake company, the crew flew into Riyadh posing as businessmen, wielding carefully concealed hidden cameras. For cover, they said they were in the country to attend a business conference on cyber-security. What they discovered was a state that beheads — and even crucifies — its citizens; where women lack basic human rights and its children are indoctrinated. Patrolled by religious police, citizens are tortured, imprisoned, and sentenced to death for writing blogs and questioning authority. It sounds like the Islamic State, but it’s not — it’s the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And it is fully propped up by Europe and the United States.

The mind-boggling documentary reveals how Saudi Arabia’s money and Wahhabi ideology has helped drive terrorism around the world. Shining a light on Britain’s shoulder-rubbing with the ruling royals, the production has pushed the U.K. government to admit they have provided more than 300 Saudi police officers with training since 2012. "

Annan kritik mot Saudiarabien på White TV:

Jacob Wallenberg har ingen moral i motsats till Margot Wallström;

Saudiarabien misstänkt för bomben på det ryska planet A 321 över Sinai;

Saudi-Arabien låg bakom giftgasattacken utanför Damaskus, inte Syrien;


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