Saudiarabien misstänkt för bomben på det ryska planet A 321 över Sinai

2015-11-04 20:50

Enligt duktiga brottsutredare skall man hata slumpen. Idag kraschade igen ett ryskt flygplan inte långt från Israel, närmare bestämt i Sydsudan, världens yngsta land som blev till genom Israels egoistiska politik i sitt närområde. Det är också Israel som är huvudansvarig för inbördeskriget där. Alla Israels grannar skall styckas så att de inte längre kan vara en fara för Israel.

Att två ryska civila plan med mer än 280 dödsoffer kraschar inom så kort tid är naturligtvis ingen slump utan ett straff mot Ryssland som dristat sig att angripa Israels och USA:s skapelse: den islamska staten IS.


Då faller naturligtvis den första misstanken på dessa länder, men nu kommer nya uppgifter från ryska underrättelsekällor att Saudiarabien skall ha haft sina blodiga händer med i spelet, rapporterar Veterans Today:

"A source with Russian intelligence just confirmed that the Russian government will not announce its preliminary findings on the A321 crash in Sinai.

However, their intelligence solidly names Saudi Arabia as responsible for the bombing which killed 244.  Egyptian intelligence was fully complicit in the terror attack.  The sources stated:

“Half the Egyptians work for Israel, the other half for Saudi Arabia anyway, Egypt has no security services, only paid foreign spies.”

Sources in Moscow say there no doubts whatsoever.   .....

The morning news brought a growing consensus for a bomb having caused the plane to break up in the air. This was not based on  potential evidence at the crash scene, but by elimination of the other possibilities.

......    The only real evidence involves impossible errors, the initial story of radio calls never made, emergency landings planned for in an imaginary world, confirmed by Al Jazeera with Egyptian officials that never existed.

Then there is the video of the “ISIS shoot down,” easily debunked as a “shoot down” video but an extremely telling piece of evidence.

Team  leader Jim Dean was quick to point out that the video of a plane flying up to 500 miles per hour is hard enough without timing the plane being overhead at the exact moment of a catastrophic mishap.  This is where issues of “structural failure” are quickly dismissed.

Additionally, larger missiles like the BUK, which we are told that Kiev is furnishing to ISIS, leave a contrail that can be seen for hours from a hundred miles away in the clear skies of Sinai or Ukraine.  There was no such contrail, no visible signs of a missile attack.    ........

This leaves a bomb planted at Sharm el Sheikh airport, one that could be accurately predicted, not just based on time and altitude but both and perhaps speed as well or even remotely activated through penetration of one of the planes communications systems. This requires a high degree of sophistication, setting off a bomb directly over a video crew.


The last big clue we had was the confusion with the early report of the pilot reporting “technical difficulties” and requesting to land in Cairo, not a big deal initially in terms of what was to come.. That communication was widely published and ran all day while the focus was on getting to the plane wreckage.  When the video alleged to have been from ISIL popped up it was generally thought to be bogus because we knew they have nothing to shoot down a plane at that altitude. We ran it anyway with qualifiers on it.

But by late afternoon, the Egyptian officials “confirmed” that their had been NO pilot communication or emergency signal sent. That meant the earlier report was the the screw-up of all times, a firing squad offense…inconceivable to see how such a mistake could be made.

But now we are viewing that as a cover story to give an infiltration team the time needed to get out before a terrorism strike report locked at the nearby borders, which would have included Aqaba. So next the focus went over to tracking down who had planted the early bogus story of the pilot communication .

Gordon’s quick search, about one minute, turned up that Al Jazeera story first broke the story, from an unnamed Egyptian official (totally pulled out of thin air) or, as is more than likely, was manufactured on the need to create a temporary window allowing terrorist cells or special operations squads to “get out of Dodge” undetected.

This story was never meant to last and Al Jazeera obviously didn’t care that they would be found either utterly incompetent or complicit.  Those “in the know” have long been aware that Al Jazeera is an intelligence agency front."

Al Jazeera ljög för att mörklägga när de var först ut att sprida desinformationen att planet hade tekniska bekymmer och behövde en nödlandning.

Att USA nu skyller på IS som de själva kontrollerar är bara nya dimridåer.

När Frankrike och Tyskland mäklade fredsavtalet för Ukraina i Minsk i början av året utan USA, kom straffet fort: ett tyskt plan (German Wings) kraschade på fransk mark. Piloten Andreas Lubitz är enbart syndabocken, som Lee Harvey Oswald eller Christer Pettersson.

Andra straff från USA och deras lydstater på White TV:

A320 co-piloten Andreas Lubitz säkert oskyldig men fjärrstyrd av CIA;

Stort TACK Vladimir Putin att ni vågar städa upp amerikansk och israelisk terrorism i Mellanöstern;

Putin skrämmer skiten ur fega ISIS-terrorister;


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