British/MI5/MI6 Mind Control and Child Abuse

Tuesday, 15 May 2012 20:01

Scandinavia is just now in the focus of Mind Control. In Norway, Oslo, criminal proceedings against Anders Bering Breivik are going on. In Sweden, Malmö, the criminal trial against Peter Mangs has started. He had a brain surgery in early childhood and got completely changed in his personality after a trip to the US. He never was a racist, lived in those Malmö quarters, where immigrants live and had no problems with them. He had no motive whatsoever to kill people, to liquidate immigrants. So even Peter Mangs is a victim of mind control.

Listen to these interesting British testimonies on trauma based Mind Control, where MI 6 and MI 5 and secret bases in Britain and strange microchips are involved. Interesting what the witness is saying about reptilian entities: