TI Gustav Wollgarth fighting against Mind Control

Sunday, 13 November 2011 00:34

Gustav Wollgarth is taken into the psychiatric clinic Ulleråker in Uppsala, Sweden. They treat him with medicine against voices in his skull, V2K. That does not help, because he is not sick but victim of Mind Control. A doctor (överläkare) who also works at Ulleråker said to me that he is not of the opinion that Gustav is sick, but does not want that I mention his name. He fears trubble.
Gustav and I agreed in the coffee shop outside Ulleråker to swap our QuWave products. There was nobody who could hear that plan. When we came back to the hospital and I had to wait outside again, the staff welcomed him with the comment: ah, you want to give your device (from QuWave) to your lawyer.-
How could they know that??? Gustav did not tell them, me neither. That is evidence that his mind controllers could listen to our conversation and then plant the thought into the minds of the staff, who are obviously also targeted individuals (TI). At least those tormenters have some humour....

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