Nya uppgifter att NATO + USA forskade i ukrainska biovapenfabriker, vilket är ett brott, fulmedia tiger

Thursday, 12 May 2022 22:25

Pål Bergström kom idag med ett mycket viktigt inslag om hur kriminell NATO och USA är i sin biovapen-forskning.

"Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden och George Soros pekas ut som nyckelpersoner som tillsammans med läkemedelsbolag bl a Pfizer, Moderna och Merck samt NGO:s och myndigheter i USA ska ha möjliggjort denna typ av forskning.

På en presskonferens vid ryska försvarsdepartementet den 11 maj presenterades material, möjliga bevis för illegal forskning gällande biovapen i Ukraina av USA och en rad andra Nato-länder bl a Tyskland och Polen.
Man påstår även att Ukraina ska ha infekterat den pro-ryska befolkningen i Luhansk med tuberkulos och tillåtit Pentagon utföra experiment på patienter inlagda på mentalsjukhus i Kharkov."
Det ryska försvarsdepartementet skriver:
"We have previously provided a scheme for US coordination of biological laboratories and research institutes in Ukraine. Its preliminary analysis suggests that Ukraine is essentially a testing ground for the development of biological weapons components and the testing of new samples of pharmaceuticals.  ....
As a result of the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, facts of work with the specified pathogens, which are potential agents of biological weapons, have been revealed. At the same time, it was noted that Ukraine had sent a request to the manufacturing company regarding the possibility of equipping the Bayraktar drones with aerosol equipment.
In addition on March 9, three unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with 30-litre containers and equipment for spraying formulations were detected by Russian reconnaissance units in Kherson region. At the end of April, 10 more were found near Kakhovka."
It should be noted that not only the US, but also a number of its NATO allies are implementing their military-biological projects in Ukraine.
The German government has decided to launch a national biosafety programme independent of Washington, D.C., starting in 2013. Twelve countries, including Ukraine, are involved in the Programme.
On the German side, the programme involves the Institute for Armed Forces Microbiology (Munich), the Robert Koch Institute (Berlin), the Loeffler Institute (Greifswald) and the Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (Hamburg).
New documents reveal that between 2016 and 2019 alone, three and a half thousand blood serum samples of citizens living in 25 regions of Ukraine were taken by military epidemiologists from the Bundeswehr Microbiology Institute.
The involvement of institutions subordinate to the Bundeswehr confirms the military orientation of biological research carried out in Ukrainian laboratories and raises questions about the goals pursued by the German armed forces in collecting biomaterials of Ukrainian citizens.
The documents obtained also show the involvement of Poland in Ukrainian biolaboratories. The participation of the Polish Institute of Veterinary Medicine in research aimed at assessing the epidemiological threats and spread of the rabies virus in Ukraine has been confirmed. Characteristically, the research in question was carried out jointly with the US-based Battelle Institute, a key contractor for the Pentagon.
In addition, Polish funding for the Lvov Medical University, which includes a member of US military biology projects, the Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene, has been documented. The organisation has been running a retraining programme for specialists with experience of working with dual-use materials and technologies since 2002."
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