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#WannaCry Ransomware falsk flagga mot Bitcoin; skandalös Silk Road dom mot Ross Ulbricht i USA

Monday, 22 May 2017 20:02

#WannaCry viruset verkar vara en falsk flaggat attack mot Bitcoin. Bankerna gillar inte konkurrens som är bättre. Allt talar för att datorvisuset #WannaCry lanserades från USA och inte Nordkorea. Ryssland, i synnerhet inrikesdepartementet, drabbades värst, även den kinesiska centralbanken, typiska amerikanska mål.

NSA borde stämmas med en grupptalan av alla som drabbades av "WannCry-viruset, då de slarvade med att bevaka sin spionvirus som möjliggjorde datorterrorn. Dags att kräva skadestånd från USA för sina brott i cybervärlden.

Datasnillet i första filmen kommer med mycket övertygande argument för en Bitcoin-attack, efter eget grävjobb, som visade många märkligheter. Förmodligen tvättas mycket pengar av dem som ligger bakom viruset.


Den andra filmen handlar om ett justitiemord mot killen bakom Silk Road: Ross Ulbricht. Han dömdes till två gånger livstid plus 40 år i USA enbart för att ha varit delaktig i driften av sidan Silk Road. Detta är nya bevis att USA inte är en rättsstat. Deras skadeståndsnivåer, fängelsedomar och fängelseväsende (slavläger) är extremt kriminella, som ledningen av hela landet.

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Liknande på WTV:

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Japans största bank vill införa digital blockchain valuta 2017

Friday, 24 February 2017 00:00


Japans största bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd kommer snart att vara världens första bank med en egen digital blockchain valuta, en konkurrent till Bitcoin. Blockchain betyder att valutan tas fram elektroniskt med ägarnycklar och en förteckning över valutans rörelse. "blockchain is like a timeline of all Bitcoin transactions that have ever taken place."

"A new bank-issued virtual currency may be in the offing next year. Dubbed “MUFG coin”, short for the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group — the parent company of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi – the bank, will issue the virtual currency in the autumn of 2017, according to a report on The Asahi Shimbun, a prominent national newspaper in Japan.

The publication cites sources who reveal that the virtual currency will help facilitate currency conversions to foreign currencies and exchange with Japan’s fiat currency, the yen. Notably, the bank will reportedly charge low commissions on both occasions when adopters use the digital currency.

The conversion rate of one unit of MUFG coin will be equal to one yen, the report revealed. Users will be able to withdraw money from their bank accounts using an everyday device like their smartphone, via an app. The money will then be converted to the digital currency." skriver cryptocoins news.

Men trots alla kryptovalutor är de extremt viktigt att vi behåller kontanterna. Utan dem blir vi helt ofria.

Annat om blockchain valutor på WTV:

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Hong Kong's MyCoin Bitcoin börs stängd 387 milj USD borta;

Islands Auroracoin skall konkurrera ut Bitcoin och Fiat-money;


PayPal diskriminerar Palestinierna, bojkotta PayPal!

Thursday, 20 October 2016 20:16

White TV stödjer Jewish Voice for Peace, eftersom det inte är judarna som ligger bakom den stora konspirationen utan Archons och Drako-reptiler, som seglar under falsk judisk flagga. Just nu har Jewish Voice for Peace startat en namninsammling mot PayPal, som mobbar Palestinierna:

Dear Dr. Henning,

There are physical walls in Palestine -- the apartheid barrier that separates Palestinians from their jobs and their homes, and the electrified fences of Jewish-only settlements. There are legal walls too -- the military “justice” system that Israel uses to suppress dissent, and racist housing laws that mysteriously always seem to come down in favor of Israeli Jews.

And then there are digital walls. We’ve written to you before about Airbnb’s presence in occupied settlements -- vacation rentals in homes stolen from Palestinians, in towns and villages where Palestinian people are not allowed to go.

Facebook has blocked admins from two of the largest Palestinian-run news sites.

And here’s another digital wall -- Jewish settlers in the West Bank can use PayPal, but Palestinians can’t. Palestinian families and businesses are being strangled by PayPal, while occupiers in illegal Jewish villages can use it as they please.

For Palestinians in the Occupied Territories who want to use PayPal's services to run a business, or raise money for a charity, or send cash to a relative -- PayPal won’t allow it.

A coalition of Palestinian businesses and civil society groups is calling on PayPal to make their services available to everyone in Israel/Palestine -- click here to add your name to the #PayPal4Palestine campaign.

Palestinians have to get around concrete, legal, and digital walls just to participate in the world. But we can change that.

Here’s why we should:

Businesses in Occupied Palestine aren’t allowed to use it, preventing them from providing jobs, and building Palestine’s economy. Palestinian NGOs can’t use Paypal, and that puts already stretched organizations doing essential human rights and direct service work at an needless disadvantage. Ordinary Palestinians can’t use PayPal to send/receive money from family members, make everyday purchases, and all the other things you (or at least I) use it for.

Sign our petition -- PayPal must offer their service to all the people of Israel/Palestine.

There's another reason why this #PayPal4Palestine campaign matters -- we have a real chance to make change.

Pro-occupation forces are deeply entrenched, in Congress and in the Knesset. But we can - and have to - chip around the edges of every single thing that keeps those formal policies standing. And that includes changing corporate policy.

Paypal can make a real material difference for Palestinian people, businesses, and NGOs. And there’ll be nothing Netanyahu or AIPAC can do about it.

Click here to sign our petition -- #PayPal4Palestine.

We’re proud to be partnering with The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights and SumOfUso launch this next phase of the #PayPal4Palestine campaign - with a goal of 10,000 signatures by the end of this week. Can you add your name?

Thank you for all that you do,





Ari Wohlfeiler
Deputy Director

P.S.: jag har haft flera klienter som råkat mycket illa ut för PayPal. Det finns därför all anledning att bojkotta PayPal!



Hong Kong's MyCoin Bitcoin börs stängd 387 milj USD borta

Friday, 13 February 2015 21:04

White TV hade tidigt varnat för Bitcoin. Hong Kong's MyCoin Bitcoin börs har nu, 6.2.15, kollapsat med 387 miljoner USD som försvunnit. "For perspective, bitcoin's entire market cap today stands at around USD$3bn.

The issue came to light on Friday when about 30 people claiming to be victims of the company's actions petitioned a local member of the Legislative Council, Leung Yiu-chung." rapporterar CoinDesk.

"Ponzi scheme suspected

Adding to the mystery are reports the company never operated as a genuine bitcoin business at all. Testimonies from customers describe an operation more like a Ponzi scheme that used the veneer of bitcoin trading as its lure.

One local woman was quoted as saying:

"We were told by those at higher tiers [of the scheme] that we can get our money back if we find more new clients."

Adding to the business' pyramid-like feel were promises of cash prizes or Mercedes-Benz cars if customers could recruit new investors, said a report in Hong Kong's South China Morning Post.

Customers were never presented with receipts and were led to deposit their newly-acquired coins at a separate site to earn interest.

MyCoin had promised several months ago that it would soon be listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, and according to photos posted online, also operated a bitcoin ATM.

Customers were promised returns of HK$1m in four months, and had been pressured into buying bitcoin-based contracts by real estate agents, insurance agents and law firm clerks. But after slowing down the release of payments and changing the rules to make it progressively more difficult to withdraw, the exchange's office boarded up its doors for "renovations" last month, the report says."

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Nya pyramidspel anklagelser mot Bitcoin = Ponzi Scheme

Friday, 30 May 2014 18:48

Nedan kommer en mycket intressant utredning om allvarligt fusk bakom Bitcoin. Lita inte på Bitcoin! Bara fysisk guld, silver och andra ädelmetaller är säkra.


It needs to be recognized that, whether intentional or not (though plausible ignorance only goes so far), Mt. Gox has effectively been abusing Bitcoin to operate a Ponzi scheme for at least a year. The November “bubble” well into the $1000?s – and possibly April’s as well – was driven by hundreds of millions of dollars of fake liquidity pumped into the market out of thin air (note that this is equivalent to “with depositors’ money”). It is only natural that the Bitcoin price would deflate for around 5 months since its December peak, since there was never enough fiat coming in to support these kind of prices in the first place.

Via The Willy Report,

Somewhere in December 2013, a number of traders including myself began noticing suspicious bot behavior on Mt. Gox. Basically, a random number between 10 and 20 bitcoin would be bought every 5-10 minutes, non-stop, for at least a month on end until the end of January. The bot was dubbed “Willy” at some point, which is the name I’ll continue to use here. Since Willy was buying in such a recognizable pattern, I figured it would be easy to find in the Mt. Gox trading logs that were leaked about two months ago (there’s a torrent of the data here). However, the logs only went as far as November 2013; luckily, I was able to detect the buying pattern in the last few days of November. Below is a compiled log of its trades on the last two days of November (from the file “2013-11_mtgox_japan.csv”):  klicka här för att läsa mera

Här ett förslag hur ett sunt penningsystem kan och skall se ut: se närmare den Vita Skolan i Nationalekonomi här.

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Kryptopyramidspelet Bitcoin kan manipuleras+Bitcoinbank rånad på 1 M USD;

Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme bubble crashade;

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