Amerikansk jihadist top ISIS commander

Monday, 05 October 2015 16:02

Brittiska Daily Mail kom med ett scoop nyligen:

EXCLUSIVE - Revealed, AMERICAN jihadi is 'top ISIS commander': Yazidi slave reveals that she was beaten and held captive by US citizen who directs attacks and keeps vial of poison to kill himself if he is caught

  • Nada, 19, was sold to ISIS commander Abu Abdullah al-Amriki in October
  • Teenager was held hostage in Manbij, Aleppo, with one other Yazidi slave
  • She claimed the 'emir' always carried an AK47, pistol and a bottle of poison
  • She said he boasted that he travelled back and forth from the US with ease
  • He drew maps for attacks and ambushes for ISIS thugs in special war room
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källa: Free at last: Yazidi slave Nada (pictured), 19, told MailOnline how she was held hostage by a 'very important' ISIS commander by the name of Abu Abdullah al-Amriki
Den 19 åriga yazidiska sexslaven Nada berättade för MailOnline att US medborgaren Abu Abdullah al-Amriki (the American), 23, köpte henne oktober 2014 på en slavmarknad i Islamic State's de-facto huvudstad Raqqa i Syrien.

"MailOnline cannot independently verify these claims and Nada said she has never seen his picture before on videos or images released by ISIS.

She said Abu Abdullah was a very important figure in Islamic State and a stream of armed balaclava-clad militants from all nationalities visited the house.

She said:  'Many guests were coming and he was always explaining things to them. He was drawing maps of the fighting. He was telling everyone how to fight, about how to make an ambush. "

Hon berättar att det ofta kom fyra maskerade män som bud från IS-ledaren al-Baghdadi med brev. De talade engelska och inte arabiska. Hennes amerikanska slavägare talade enbart mycket dålig arabiska, åkte mycket och obehindrat till USA samt hade barn och familj där.

Detta är ett av talrika bevis att ISIS har byggts upp och styrs av USA!

Hoppas att Ryssland nu oskadliggör så många IS-terrorister som möjligt. Stort TACK Vladimir Putin att ni har modet att bekämpa världens vidrigaste människor!


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