New HAARP Competitor Deep in Antarctica Ice, Dr M Salla + Eric Hecker

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 16:12

This Interview with a former Raytheon Polar Services Company employee, Eric Hecker, from the Amundsen Scott Station, done by Dr. Michael Salla, is ground breaking! Hecker describes a neutrino detector deep in the ice of Antarctica (2010) having simmilar functions as HAARP in Gacona Alaska (1995). As a Directed Energy Weapon it can trigger Earth quakes and tsunamis, detect and use neutrinos, communicate with UFOs in outer space quicker than light with scalar waves and perform mind control with magnetic scalar waves against individuals, groups or all folks on the planet!

Scalar waves propagating quicker than light use neutrinos.

WTV has never before heard of that device!