Growing Earth Part 2: physical explanation of free energy

2013-09-19 23:24

This second part of the Prof. Konstantin Meyl interview on the growing earth is the most important. It gives a totally new model of the cosmos in order to explain why and how the earth is growing. Meyl starts with the common knowledge that the Atlantic crust is much younger than the continents, because it is new-formed matter compared to the old continents. The equator is expanding each year ca. 19 cm and the earth’s rotation speed slows down with 0,73 seconds per year, because of the growing earth.


Than Meyl describes the strange behaviour of neutrinos. They are oscillating vortexes between being an electron=matter and a positron=antimatter. That’s why they seem to have no mass and charge in the average. Water is slowing down the speed and energy of neutrinos and in that way water absorbs neutrino energy = free energy. The neutrinos cause neutrinolysis in water, which is split up into oxygen, going into nature, and hydrogen going into the atmosphere. The oxygen source on earth is the water.


källa, Gallex neutrino detector in Italy, other results than Kamiokande in Japan


There are two main devices to measure neutrinos: the neutrino detector from Kamiokande by Prof. Koshiba from Japan (Nobel prize 2002) and the Gallex facility in Italy. The problem is that Kamiokande only detects 3 billons neutrinos per square centimeter in one second, but Gallex 66 billions. A ratio of 4% to 96%. Meyl solves the problem by explaining that neutrinos split up into 4% positrons= antimatter causing light and 96% electrons=matter causing mass/matter and radiation. This corresponds with the sun radiation where only 4% is visible light.


Källa: Japan Radio Glass bulbs are used for the photomultiplier tubes in the Super Kamiokande neutrino detector facility


In Kamiokande they measured at night 50% less neutrinos compared to daytime. Meyls explanation: the earth absorbs the neutrinos, which come from the sun and they are delivering the new mass/matter by cold fusion in the cold core of the earth. That’s why our earth is growing.


Meyl than explains how levitation functions and that a totally new model of our cosmos is needed in order to explain the growing earth: eating and being eaten. Simply spoken the black hole is the source of all matter (besides the aether field), which is distributed by neutrino radiation, called by Meyl resonant neutrino interaction connection. Neutrinos close the cosmic energy circle. Finally everything in the universe ends up in a black hole and the circle starts again.

In the galaxy the strong cosmic neutrino radiation, much quicker than the speed of light, is dominant; in the solar system it is the weak solar neutrino interaction, which is slower, but still quicker than the speed of light.


The neutrinos cause shining, growing and radiating on different levels in the whole cosmos. The 4% antimatter triggers the shining (even the earth is shining inside beneath the crust, visible when a volcano erupts) and the 96% matter cause growing (main part) and radiating. This radiating rest, which is not materializing, is the solar radiation supporting the living earth with life energy, ley lines. From that the earth is producing it’s own life energy, the orgon energy (Wilhelm Reich) also called chi in China or prana in Sanskrit. This is free neutrino energy used by all living entities on earth. Acupuncture knows and uses that.

Finally Meyl explains how we principally can use the free neutrino power. Mother earth is teaching us. You need plasma under high pressure at low temperatures and high frequencies. 3 Examples:

1. sonoluminescense

2. lightning

3. rail gun, which is collecting neutrinos by oscillating open field lines as an avalanche

In the end Konstantin Meyl warns us that the next big flood is overdue. He explains how that is possible, how the earth could tilt upside down under a magnetic pole shift and how we can detect that horrible scenario in advance in order to organize a boat for survival.


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Growing Earth by Meyl part 2 from Henning Witte on Vimeo.