Beate Kelly: Stop Child Abductions by Authorities!

Friday, 10 June 2016 21:31


The Child Abuse conference in Vienna two weeks ago, organized by Elisabeth Kammerlander, was a big success. It was shown that Germanys, Austria’s and Sweden’s authorities are kidnapping children from their parent much more than 10 years ago. There is no reason why parents in average should have become worse. It is the authorities who got worse and all the worthless judges who confirm the abuse of authority power.

The states efforts to destroy the inner family in order to get Walt Disney families are obvious. So children loose their security and confidence in life, which makes them easier to influence with negative information and propaganda. So they will less likely resist the evil ruling the world.

Listen to mother and grandmother Petra Kelly from Germany who had to flee from the abusive authorities in Germany to hide in Malta.

It should be forbidden in the EU that authorities have the power to kidnap children from their parents. If there are problems, they should instead have only the right to live in the family to give support. Only in very severe cases a separation from the parents should be allowed.

Listen also to White TV's interview with an child abuse victim who got raped by a catholic priest.

Klaus Oberndorfer raped by catholic priest, then convicted for homosexual behaviour in Austria;


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