Who are Targeted Individuals? Victims of mind control!

Wednesday, 08 August 2018 22:20

This film is not well researched. But it is very positive that some journalist takes on that difficult topic with targeted individuals, TI's. There are not ten thousands, but at least several hundred thousands of them all over the world. They are needed to train mind control computers so they learn to block victims from awakening.

I, Dr. Henning Witte from EUCACH Sweden, receive every day at least one e-mail, letter or phone-call from a TI somewhere in the world asking for help, since 2011! So I know first hand. I know that they are not mentally ill, but victims of covert technology.

The film does not mention two of the leading UK-experts on mind control:

MI5 whistle-blower Dr. Barrie Trower and Simon Parkes, whose mother worked for MI5.

The film does not focus on the problems, that secret scalar waves are used, not electromagnetic waves. Scalar waves penetrate everything. There is no shielding possible. But homeopathic gold, aurum metallicum, has helped about 80% of the TI's. It destroys the resonance of the targeting scalar waves.

Miles Johnston knows about all of that. Why did he not tell? Is he a MI5-asset, controlling the British TI's?