Allt fler vågar prata om Drako-reptilerna

Thursday, 03 December 2015 19:56

Idag snubblade jag över ett intressant inslag på Veterans Today, en alternativ sida som är en mycket pålitlig källa för det mesta, eftersom de har täta kontakter till västliga säkerhetstjänster och deras whistleblowers. Inslaget idag titlades

Deep-Black Murder Incorporated

Vad menas med Drako-reptiler? Sedan flera hundratusen år tillbaka har reptiloida varelser makten på jorden, inte människan. Det skall bara se ut så. Dessa reptiler är mycket längre utvecklade än människan. De är oss kroppsligt och psykiskt extremt överlägsna. Deras teknologi är tusentals år längre fram än människans. De gömmer sig i ett annat frekvensområde, som kallas för fjärde dimensionen. De kan visa sig i vår värld om de vill. Tack vare att jorden höjer sin medvetandenivå så kan snart alla människor och inte bara några, som därför brändes som häxor, se, vilka som är reptilerna. Därför förbereder de oss långsamt på det genom många barnböcker och -filmer, där reptiler och drakar figurerar.

källa; ritning från Simon Parkes, som har träffat den här fadern många gånger.Tyvärr finns ännu inga fotografier eller filmer tillgängliga. Det är dock bara en tidsfråga. Men idag får man i alla fall prata om reptilerna utan att bli ett huvud kortare

Reptilerna lever i en sträng hierarki. De mäktigaste är vitaktiga, över tre meter långa, extremt kraftiga och kallas för Drako-reptilerna, då de härstammar från stjärnsystemet Draken. De ingår i den djävulska hierarkin och ansvarar för allt ond på jorden, t.ex. ISIS.

Veterans Today: "Now for perhaps the biggest secret of all regarding the Alien ET Agenda being promoted by the very top controllers of MJ (the Select Few). You can easily figure out who these men are because they are the very old, prominent leaders of Central banking, politics, Intel and the American War Machine.

They are old but have functioned in ways that are well justified in their own minds by the “ends justifies the means” but is actually evil and anti-human beyond normal imagination. These are the Presidents, former CIA leaders and high USG officials who are the true war-mongers and promoters f pedophilia and every evil that exists. They have made a deal with a promise.

If the narrative I am getting from very high ranking credible sources is correct, they have been convinced by their own individual spirit guides that appear to them in private as serve as consiglieries and Intel informants.

They have been convinced that their life essence will become transferred to a new cloned body as soon as they attain the Draco’s Globalist NWO Plan. Thus there is a desperate race to attain their assignment before they die so that they can supposedly live forever. They have been convinced that the Dracos have this technology. But there is another strange wrinkle to all this that relates to the concept of “breakaway societies”.

The only researcher and Deep Black Historian to ever speak publicly or write about this “breakaway society” that I know of is the highly esteemed Richard Dolan. This man Richard Dolan is the most respected Deep Black, alien ET researcher, writer and speaker out there and his work is the best by a long shot. Those who want the best information available would appreciate reading his books and watching all his videos. You will learn a lot from this great American Hero, truth-bearer, real public servant, lover of mankind and true scholar.

The Select Few have been convinced that if they turn over Planet Earth to the Dracos to be run by them and their underling “created and bred” androids and gene-spliced, manufactured ETs, in exchange these Select Few men will be taken with a collection of human females and others deemed needed to a distant star system with a plant like Earth where they can start over. They will at first be taken to a transitory base at least one of which is now operational on perhaps the Planet Mars, and will stay there until their new final home can be prepared.

What must they provide in return (the Deal)? They must fully implement the Draco Globalist NWO Agenda and create major problems like toxic pollutions, HMOs, life shortening and dumbing-down foods and vaccinations, psychotronic pollution, and other means like mind-kontrolling media, poor education, political correctness, diversity.

These purposefully created problems like the engineered tsunami and cooling system failures of Chernobyl and Fukushima have actually constituted the Terra-forming of the Earth Draco-style. Some insiders have called this “salting the Earth” which is an age-old methods invading nations did to farm land to plunder it and make it unusable after they left.

The Dracos actually want to destroy the Earth life in all forms including all animals, fish, biological organisms and especially all humans. They do not want the Select few or anyone else to know this. This is the nexus of their Alien Agenda. What else are these parasitical haters of Planet Earth and all its life forms also after.

They want to not only make the Earth uninhabitable for life again, but are preparing it to to be mined and stripped of all its valuable minerals that they need to empower the new civilization and race they are trying to build using human and Earth animal blood and DNA products." (fet genom White TV)

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