Turkey should lead the liberation of Palestine from the Zionists! The US will most likely not attack a NATO partner with the risk to crash it's mightiest tool

Tuesday, 31 October 2023 19:43

Källa: The Guardian

Thank you Håkan Bergmark and ret Colonel Doulglas Macgregor for your informative and courageous interview! Perfect that even Sweden gets direct access to that capacity! Håkan put that interview also on his YouTube channel, even with a second Swedish translated version.

As on the SwebbTube version I also posted three comments on the two YT-versions. But one comment was repeatedly censored away by criminal elements on YouTube, but not on alternative media platform SwebbTube:

"Turkey should lead a military action to free Palestine from the Zionists. Because they are NATO the US will not dare open conflict within NATO because that could terminate their mightiest tool. All arab countries should support Turkey. And very soon the risk is rising that Israel will disappear from the map!"

Obviously a dangerous suggestion for Israhell and zionist US! I have never seen this suggestion from somebody else with that NATO argument.



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