Simon Parkes confirms that Gold is a Shield against Mind Control

2015-01-17 16:20

White TV's Dr. Henning Witte was the first in the world to recommend homeopathic gold, aurum metallicum, as a shield against mind control. That is not a medical but a technical advice! The human level of mind control research started for more than 60 years ago and nothing helped so far. Wittes tests started in the beginning of 2013 and were published one year later. Scalar wave devices gave also protection against brainwashing techniques, but the perpetrators could go around that after some weeks. The homeopathic gold however tested positive in ca. 80% of the cases a targeted individual (ti) tested it, and it is not easy to bypass that.

But there were two big problems. The perpetrators, mostly secret services like Mossad, CIA or FOI in Sweden, have recently enhanced their programming to discredit aurum metallicum and all forms of gold. They use lies that you can get sick and poisoned from gold and other nonsense. The homeopathic aurum metallicum has no side effects at all, which is typical for all homeopathic remedies, because they use physics, wave interference, and not chemistry, molecules, which usually cause the negative side effects.

The evil programming also includes to convince the mind control target, that they are not targeted. It is in deed difficult to detect, if the secret services don't want that.

The other big problem showed to be that ti's start during some month' to take the aurum metallicum, but than get sloppy and forget to take it. The gold frequency shield lasts only maximum two days. Than the torture can start again.

Words from Simon Parkes in his first news letter 2015:

"Recently members of the audience who sat so captivated in hypnotic attention are shifting about in their seats while others look for the way out, no longer mind controlled by the elite.  Many who are waking up are challenging the facts and seeking the truth, if you are one of these then you are on the right path and I welcome and salute you in your own personal journey of discovery."

White TV does not agree with Simon Parkes' analyse of MH17 in the film below Everything indicates that the Ukraine Air Forces SU-25 shot down MH17 the 17th July 2014. But principally Simon Parkes is a very reliable source and he takes a huge risk to speak so frankly about all his deadly topics.

The question about gold against mind control comes in the second half of the interview below.

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