91% av havande kvinnor fick missfall av Covid-sprutan, CDC medger lögn och forskningsfusk

2021-11-13 10:03



"CDC Scientists admit they did manipulate study data to show the Covid-19 Vaccines are safe for Pregnant Women as researchers discover 91% of pregnancies resulted in miscarriage following Covid-19 Vaccination


But now two researchers from New Zealand have re-analysed the study and called for countries to halt the administration of Covid-19 vaccines to pregnant and breastfeeding women immediately due to extremely concerning findings.

The correction resolved some of the issues, but there are still more, according to Dr. Simon Thornley, a senior lecturer in the University of Auckland’s Section of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and Dr. Aleisha Brock, another researcher in New Zealand.

Thornley and Brock re-analysed the data and calculated the incidence of miscarriages in the first trimester was actually 82 percent (as concluded previously by The Exposé) to 91 percent in a paper (see here) published in Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law.


Thornley and Brock conclude in their analysis that they ‘question the conclusions of the Shimabukuro et al. study to support the use of the mRNA vaccine in early pregnancy, which has now been hastily incorporated into many international guidelines for vaccine use, including in New Zealand.’

‘The assumption that exposure in the third trimester cohort is representative of the effect of exposure throughout pregnancy is questionable and ignores past experience with drugs such as thalidomide. Evidence of safety of the product when used in the first and second trimesters cannot be established until these cohorts have been followed to at least the perinatal period or long-term safety determined for any of the babies born to mothers inoculated during pregnancy,” they added.

Pfizer, it was noted, says on its vaccine’s label that the available data on the vaccine “administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.”

The CDC researchers concluded their findings didn’t show any obvious safety signals among pregnant women who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. They said their findings did not necessarily represent the position of the CDC, but the agency links to the study on its website and used it to promote vaccination in pregnant women.

Dr Brock and Dr Thornley strongly disagree and state that considering the evidence presented in their analysis, that they suggest the ‘immediate withdrawal of mRNA vaccine use in pregnancy (Category X)[41] and those breastfeeding, alongside the withdrawal of mRNA vaccines to children or those of child-bearing age in the general population, until more convincing data relating to the safety and long-term impacts on fertility, pregnancy and reproduction are established in these groups.’

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