Did Israel cause the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 crash over Teheran with Talpiot cyber attack?

2020-01-10 19:42


If you are aware of the fact that the earth is a prison planet run by non human entities as Draco-reptilians and Archons (the guys with AI) than you know that almost everything negative is caused by them. All the different ”enemies” are mostly controlled by the same secret force, the Deep State. The Archons control the Reptilians with computer based AI and the Reptilians have their chosen people, the different Jewish tribes with Israel as their centre. They are not GODs chosen people, but the Devils.

Therefore the Reptilians love to manage the earth with pyramid structures. If you only control the top of the pyramid, you control the rest. This is the reason why tiny Mossad, officially Israel's secret service (false flag), could manage to be at the worlds secret services top almost right from their beginning in the 1950-ties.

And therefore the top of the computer-technology is concentrated in Israeli hands, as the film below shows very clearly. In the Israel secret services unit 8200 was a secret computer operation founded: the Talpiot program. That means that almost every computer system in the world is equipped with Israeli spy-electronics, so that Israel is in control = the Reptos and Archons are in control.

Therefore we should think about the possibility that Iran shot down the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800, Ukraine International Airlines flight 752, over Teheran on 8 January 2020 by accident, because most of the passengers had been Iranians. There are a lot of facts supporting that scenario. But what if the Iranian mistake was triggered by an Israeli cyberattack with the Talpiot program?

Watch the very interesting film below which is from 2018. From minute 30:01 its focusing on the conflict between Israel and Iran.

Update 11.1.20: "The operator, as required by military guidelines then proceeded to call for orders to deal with the perceived threat, but wasn’t able to do so as his communication network failed to work.

Hajizadeh added that the operator then “took the wrong decision” of firing on the perceived threat in a “ten-second” time span to shoot or ignore the flying object."

Was there an Israeli cyberattack against their communication network or the capability to separate a missile (5 m long) from a Boeing 737?

P.S.: the Reptilians are not in resonance with GOD. Therefore they do not have access to free energy, Orgon, Prana, Chi, you name it. To get free life-neutrino-energy they have to steal it from others. They love to feed on humans. That's why the Reptilians created a prison planet. If humans suffer a lot, mourning, they produce negative energy (loosh) which is the food for the Reptos.

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