Yellow Vests Denmark with JFK21, Mads Palsvig and Populisterna

2019-02-12 00:00


Even in Denmark the Yellow Vest movement started. It´s the banking critic political party JFK21 who organized a demonstration in down town Copenhagen 10th February 2019. They got support from the Swedish antibank party Populisterna. Thanks Mads Palsvig for structuring the Yellow Vests in Danmark.

They got visited by the Danish secret police PET.

The protest was not only against the private banks making digital money out of thin air but also against the extremely dangerous 5G, the new technical generation for cell phones.

Watch even the interview with the party leaders of JFK21 and Populisterna on how to make a useful bank reform. liberating the people, on WTV:

JFK21 and Populisterna new Scandinavian parties kicking banks ass;

Swedens Yellow vests Stockholm Mynttorget 27.1.2019 update 31.1. del 1+2;



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