Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Stalin were Cruel Monsters, Red Army has Pedophile and Rape Traditions

2022-07-30 19:50

This i film is very courageous and shows how the end of WW2 was drowned in horror by Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and Eisenhower, who all wanted WW2 in order to murder as many Germans, Russians and other homo sapiens as possible. They were puppets to the Reptilians from the lower fourth dimension who knew that they were not enough any longer to cope with so many humans.

Hitler had one quarter Rothschild-genes, making him a perfect puppet to the Reptilians too. Thats why he took so many wrong decisions which forced the Germans to loose the war, huge territories and so many inhabitants. F ex Hitler was first to have atomic bombs, but did not use them (only one time in Kurland/Estonia)! Instead he gave them to the US, which tortured Japan with them. For that Hitler and almost all mighty nazis were allowed to move to Argentina and start the 4. Reich.

Jews have been missused as a false flags by the Reptilians since more than 3000 years. A lot of the Sionist Jews were not human, but Anunnaki: 50% reptilan genes and the other half human. Those are shapeshifters, taking Reptilian bodies at will. What makes them Reptilians is their reptilian souls. A lot of them reincarnated into bodies of IS-terrorists, invading the middle East, Germany and Sweden!

Stalins Red Army raped children and women in whatever country they entered. Worst was the rape and torture of more than two million children and women when the Red Army entered Germany! Russia never apologized or payed damages for those horrific and even pedophile crimes.

It is revealing how YT and Vimeo cover up those horrible crimes by blocking films I linked to in my older articles.