M/S Estonia was Blown Up, Diver saw evidence for Sweden's biggest mass-murder

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 18:17

photo August 2000 from German journalist Jutta Rabe; metal bend outward on the M/S Estonia bow after bomb exploded 28th September 1994

The civil passenger ferry between Tallinn (Estonia) and Stockholm (Sweden) was blown up in the middle of the Baltic Sea on 28th September 1994. The day after the Swedish military diver Håkan Bergmark was ordered stand by and on 1st October 1994 he dove down to the wrack and saw a huge hole at starboard with traces from explosives, that had blown up the ferry inside out.

Almost 1,000 innocent civilians perished in the biggest European maritime disaster after WW2.

Sweden is leading in covering up it's biggest mass-murder throughout history.

Carl Bildt is not playing a positive role..

It's time for the truth to come through.

In the interview diver Håkan Bergmark also tells about his secret military diving to the Whiskey on the Rocks, to Sowjet submarine U 137, which ran aground in the south Swedish Archipelago 27th October 1981, not far away from Sweden's secret naval base outside Karlskrona. Sweden was never closer to war with Russia than those days, because Håkan detected something nasty ......

Håkan Bergmarks Swedish interview is here.



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