Fritjof Persson hittade mördade Paul Pantones Geet bygganvisning om fri energi tillsats i motorer

Saturday, 20 May 2023 18:21

källa; den vakne uppfinnaren Paul Pantone kom oljeindustrin i vägen, vilket förkortade hans liv


Fritjof Persson har sedan flera år experimenterat med delar av den amerikanska uppfinnaren Paul Pantones Geet-motor. Nu har Fritjof hittat en byggplan med ritningar från mördade Paul Pantone som kan laddas ner på engelska här .

Fritjof skriver:

This document analyses GEET by breaking down the GEET system into individual technologies. I do not say the analysis is complete. Further research is needed regarding GEET. This document is but a reflection of my present thoughts and my attempt to bring any serious GEET prototyping project forward. The last chapter, 'The Superior Motor', is not yet

written. However, my superior motor will use all technologies discussed in this document.

This document is my contribution to destroy The Globalists by blessing the world with much cheaper energy. Due to the urgency of world affairs, inflation, energy prices, incoming biblical stock market crash followed by an attempt to introduce central bank digital currencies, I gift this document to Humanity. However, if, due to this document, any commercial profitmaking products occur, I humbly ask for a royalty. Any one who is serious and wants to GEET partner with me is welcome. I will help and advice to the very best of my ability. This is a big opportunity so there is room for everyone and the world is in desperate need of affordable energy.

Fritjof Persson, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Sweden, 2023 May 19th.

My GEET videos, most of them in Swedish, are found at and I advice you to download all videos as Bitchute has taken down 2 and Rumble 3 of these videos.