Euro 2016 Championship in Voodoo but not football, France cheated Germany with Black Magic!

Thursday, 07 July 2016 22:58

Again: after Italy it was France who used black magic / voodoo against the better Germany in Euro 2016 semi-final. The following facts show clearly that voodoo was abused to cheat Germany:

1. The first free kick in favour for France was dubious. The TV did not show what happened. I suppose it is a French controlled television channel that broadcasted to us here in Sweden. It is the first time that I got irritated over the lousy coverage of the game by the broadcaster. They showed the scene very shortly, but the most important part was covered with the logo of Euro 2016. But when German Draxler relay made a mistake and got the yellow card, that was focused very clearly by the responsible TV broadcaster.

2. Min 35: the superiority of Germany is overwhelming. 10:2 shots on the goal, 70% ball possession, 56% duels won, passing quote of 90%! Suddenly the Italian voodoo-referee Nicola Rizzoli punished German player Emre Can with a yellow card. The reason for this first yellow paper against Germany was not clearly shown in the television eather. The decision is wrong.

3. Min 45+1: the Italian black magic referee decides penalty against Bastian Schweinsteiger. He is accused to have plaid hands. But there is no clear evidence that he wilfully touched the ball with his hand or arm! All the journalists report a different situation, some write or say that Schweinsteiger touched the ball with his arm, others report his hand. There are no clear pictures available of the situation:

Sources: 1, 2, 3, Schweinsteiger has no focus on the ball, no intentions to touch it; no picture shows that he really contacted the ball

A gif is shown here.

The Swedish' SVT commentators, Chris Härenstams, first comment was: "– Den går på armen, men inte kan han väl blåsa för det?" (It hits the arm, but for that you can't use the wissle?). Now that part of the article recently was censored by Aftonbladet!

After that the Swedish State Television SVT informed that a quick poll among the Swedish spectators showed that 77% had the opinion that the referee made a wrong decision.

David Walsh
In the history of ridiculous decisions that penalty against Schweinsteiger is right up there. France have done so little to get so much.

But there were remarkably lots of journalists who reacted uncritical or even affirmative as the SVT "expert" Glenn Strömberg, who definitely should not get a news job from SVT when the next commentators are needed.

It is as usual, the vast majority of the population has one opinion, and corrupt journalists an other, which suites the negative powers in the background.

The German crew had never played hands in the penalty area since the last 10 years (except against Greece 2012, probably black magic there too). And just in the two most important games, Italy and France, where the Germans are controlling the game and clearly superior to the adversary, two of the best and most routinized players make such a primitive and dangerous mistake? Come on ....

4. Min 59: one of the best German players, defence star Jerome Boateng, gets problems with his right leg, the thigh. He had no contact to anybody! This is now the third German top-player who must leave the match because of sudden and unclear problems with their legs, thighs. In the game Italy - Germany 2nd July 2016 two German players got mysterious leg problems out of nowhere. This is not a coincidence. "Experts" like Glenn Strömberg give no useful explanation about the situation. We spectators were not supposed to know the truth.

5. About min 72: no TV pictures or focus when a German player gets fouled. The voodoo-referee Nicola Rizzoli gives no free kick.

6. It is no coincidence that Italy used voodoo against Germany in the Euro 2016 quarter-final and in the semi-final the referees are Italian.

In my comment on the use of black magic/voodoo in the game Italy-Germany I explained what that is and how it works. I know a lot about that topic, because my 4-year-old nephew was sacrificed by voodoo, so that Malawi could win a critical football match against Angola on May 18th 2002 in Blantyre.

The Euro 2016 game France-Germany is now the second clear case of the abuse of black magic/voodoo against superior Germany. It seems that this championship is not about football but black magic. As usual the people are cheated.

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