Prof. Martin Pall on how cell phone and WIFI radiation cause Illness and on Nrf2

Sunday, 13 March 2016 14:38


The Swedish organisations Vågbrytaren and Strålskyddsstyrelsen (Swdeish Radiation Protection Foundation) invited the American professor emeritus in biochemistry Martin Pall to the capital Stockholm, to present his research that cell phone technology, WIFI and smart meters cause a lot of diseases in humans, animals and plants. Pall is one of many usual scientists who figured out how dangerous the modern radiation is. It even makes humans infertile after two generations.

There is a huge conspiracy to cover up those facts. The conspiracy went even viral in Sweden, because the University of Stockholm made a rental agreement with Vågbrytaren to show Prof. Pall, but cancelled it only some days before without notice and false arguments. The Swedish Parliament invited Prof. Pall to learn from him. Only one deputy showed up, from the Green Party.  Mainstream media with a lot of lies often slanders this deputy. So is the modern Sweden .....

Links to the hosts: Vågbrytaren and Strålskyddsstyrelsen

M Pall 3 from Henning Witte on Vimeo.

M Pall 2 from Henning Witte on Vimeo.

M Pall 1 from Henning Witte on Vimeo.