Anneke Lucas belgisk barn-sexslav (6) och tortyr offer vittnar

Sunday, 06 September 2020 02:57

”4 000 barn försvinner varje år i Sverige” Demonstrationen den 12 september i Stockholm i Vasaparken kl. 18.00!

"In the same way, albeit horrific in the eyes of compassionate organic beings, members of the so-called ‘elite classes’ – royalty, religious, political, various secret service and secret society members, not to mention the high finance banker elites (9) world-wide – resort to the consumption of live human flesh and blood, through satanic ritual sacrificial child practices, in order to regenerate themselves with what they consider to be an elixir – adrenochrome and its associated derivatives. The greater the fear and trauma that is generated within the victim and the higher their adrenaline count, the more highly charged the resultant emotional ‘loosh’. While such practises are revolting to any sane compassionate human being, it represents a matter of life and death for these particular entities. Their survival in this particular frequency band is dependent upon the perpetuation of such practices, just as they have been centuries past.

The full scale of human and child trafficking world-wide is only now beginning to be revealed through alternative, independent non mass media sources. This is the same mass media that failed to ask how, and more to the point why, was it that an obscure night- club owner in northern England, once suspected of being implicated in a number of murder cases, became a privileged friend of Prince Charles, spent several Christmas Days at Chequers with Margaret Thatcher, become a Knight of the Realm and went on to be awarded a papal knighthood. During this time this individual was directly involved with activities in a variety of institutions and hospitals in which highly vulnerable children were retained – Sir Jimmy Sa_vile OBE KCSG?…

According to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children,112,853 children went missing in the UK alone last year. (10) Where is the investigative journalism required to look into these among the 901,125 child disappearances world-wide in 2018 alone? Disappearances that symbolise the historical ‘snuffing out’ of our very own ‘inner child’ that is prevented from realising its full expression – effaced, lost and forgotten as a result of our own continued refusal to acknowledge its existence. Millions of young children ritually sacrificed throughout the ages on the alter of our indifference – indifference to Self. (2)"