Thank You Silver Legion for your Help to Mankind and our Planet!

Wednesday, 07 November 2018 20:47

White TV has listened to several YouTube films from and about the Silver Legion and is convinced that they supported and helped mankind and our planet Gaia/Terra very much in our liberation from Dracos and other reptilians and AI. This cosmic legion is not to be mixed up with the American ultra-right-wing movement Silver Legion of America.


"The Silver Legion is an interdimensional organization committed to the defense of all people who have the right to be sovereign and free. They are an aligned, but independent, interdimensional peace keeping force. Members of the Silver Legion are of various differing races, come from multiple planets, dimensions, realms, and even universes. Some come from universes that are currently considered to be fictional by Earth humans. It is an organization of mostly-non-physical Lightwarriors, based out of a higher-layered realm. It is dedicated to helping further the cause of freedom across the multiverse, and dedicated to defending and protecting others so that they can follow their own paths free of those who would attempt to dominate or control them." they write on YT.