Switzerland involved in many secret scandals, Mind Control, murder of French presidential candidate

Sunday, 24 January 2016 16:28

A Swiss mind control victim, a targeted individual (ti), has made a deep research on Swiss history in order to protect himself from more attacks.

He has listed a lot of unknown scandals where Switzerland has been involved. It's similar to Sweden. Those who have the best reputation on prisonplanet Earth are on the contrary the most wicked and supressed. When it comes to persons as Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton or Swedish former Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, this is related direct to the culprits. When it comes to countries, it means that they are under extreme pressure and criminal treatment from a little hidden minority. In Sweden this is now Mossad, the secret service of the bank house Rothschild. In Switzerland it is the secret society of the Templars concerning to the author of this film. White TV is not able to confirm that, but it could possibly be so.

sourceFrench minster Robert Boulin murdered 1979 by the hidden hand which controls our planet to pave the way for the puppet Francois Mitterrand

Interesting in this film is the strong Swiss support for Hitler, CIA's mind control programs as MK-Ultra and the unknown murder of the French presidential candidate Robert Boulin, which opened the way for the 33 degree freemason Francois Mitterrand.