JFK21 and Populisterna new Scandinavian parties kicking banks ass

Tuesday, 12 February 2019 00:00

JFK21 is a young Danish political party with former investment banker Mads Palsvig as leader. He detected finally that our banking system is a scam, a Ponzi scheme. The private banks power to create digital money out of thin air without public control must be stopped.

The young Swedish party Populisterna shares the same opinion. They want to nationalize also the digital money, not only the cash. The central bank of Sweden, Riksbanken, shall establish a new pillar of power, the fourth, together with the Parliament, the Government and the Courts. This money issuing power (Monetative) shall be directly controlled by the people in public elections comparable to parliamentary elections.

JFK21 and Populisterna wrote their party program independently, because they did not knew about each other until January 2019. They both demand that the nationalized money shall not be issued as loans with interest, like today, but like subsidies, money that the people do not have to pay back and no interest attached. We call it working-money, because money shall be backed upp with work, labour, not with debt as today, or gold as yesterday.

With that people can live in abundance of money, no taxes (the state is producing the money itself), no unemployment, no financial bubbles, no transport of wealth from poor to rich, no inflation or deflation and no interest slaves any longer.

YouTube is already manipulating the viewer numbers, two likes but no viewers ......

Here comes an interview with the two party leaders for JFK21 and Populisterna at the home of Mads in Copenhagen, Danmark, 10 February 2019:

Look even at:

White TV:s bil stulen, car stolen, sabotage av resan till JFK21, please donate for a new car

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Bank critical parties JFK21+Populisterna work together from Henning Witte on Vimeo.