DEBTOCRACY: Outcry from the Greek people

2011-07-29 16:34

The following film is supposed to be produced by Greek grassroots. They protest that the Greek people shall pay for debt they did not order. They claim that the debts are therefore illegitimate. That is a week argument. They should argue as the White School of Economics does: more than 90% of the debt are false money, counterfeit, because the banks produced them out of thin air. That is a strong reason not to pay back. Besides that the banks inflated the volume of the Euro, leading to inflation which is a stealth expropriation.

The other flaw in the film is that Greece blames Germany for their problems. The German taxpayer is outraged because they have to pay the biggest chunk for the Greek bailout. Money that is going to banks, not to the people of Greece. If Siemens has to pay bribes that is mainly a Greek problem.

There is no word in the film about the big fraud from prime minister Papandreou, as reported in White TV earlier. The info about the good solution of Ecuador is very interesting. There is even info from the economic hitman from the USA, John Perkins, known to White TV viewers.