Simon Parkes on New Radio Show with Out of This Worlds Ted Mahr, JP under Mind Control?

2018-04-22 20:10

A lot of, for the dark forces, dangerous voices have been silenced during 2017 and 2018. German alternative journalist Dr. Udo Ulfkotte died Jan 2017 under suspicious circumstances and his important alternative News Channel Kopp-Online became useless.

Dec 2018 Swedish alternative journalist Bechir Rabani dies with only 33 years. He is very healthy and the day before he passed away he announced a scoop against mainstream media presstitute Robert Arschberg. Bechir Rabani dies suddenly without any medical reason. The case is covered up by Swedish MSM and the Swedish police.

Feb 2018 Ernst Köwing, known as the Honigmann (Honeyman), dies in a German prison-hospital, without obvious health-reasons. Germany's most visited alternative news blog Der Honigmann sagt is now down.

All cases are obvious murder!

source; Simon Parkes the most important info-source from the secret powers

April 2018 radio host JP from Wolf Spirit Radio cancels his famous radio show with Simon Parkes without giving any intelligent explanation. The reasons published by Simon Parkes are much more convincing. It seems that JayPee either got blackmailed or cracked by mind control technology. Result: the extremely important and popular voice from Simon Parkes is shut down. White TV canceled the Wolf Spirit Radio prenumeration.

Coincidences? Of course not. The last desperate attempts on the free word from the powers that be before they loose control over planet Earth.

Fortunately Simon Parkes found a new radio host in Ted Mahr from Out of This World, beaming out of Seattle in Washington, USA.

The last show from 20th April 2018 is very important. Simon Parkes claims that Donald Trump called Putin one day before the attack on Syria 13/14th April 2018 and tells the Russians what targets the US, UK and France shall attack.

North and South Korea shall reunite, because China and Russia withdrew their back-up for the North.

Finally Simon Parkes reveals that a lot of airplanes spraying chemtrails are reptilian spacecrafts, camouflaging as human airplanes.

P.S.: Simon Parkes announces his new radio show for 29th April 2018


Thanks to K for the important hint!

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