Las Vegas Killer Stephen Paddock probably under Mind Control, Update 5.10.2017 Google Censorship

2017-10-03 21:38 source

During the last six years I have deepened my research on mind control extensively. I founded in 2013 together with Dr. Raunia Kilde and Magnus Olsson the European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH), to connect and support European mind control victims, targeted individuals (ti). When I look into the facts of the Las Vegas shooting, pointing out  Stephen Paddock, the first suspicion is, he was under mind control, meaning it's not him but the NSA or CIA being responsible for the horrible mass-murder, because they control the mind control technology in the US.

The facts indicating mind control:

1. Stephen Paddock converted recently to Islam without any reason. I know several ti's who did the same. They could not tell a plausible reason, had never before contacts to Islam, but suddenly converted. NSA and CIA want to paint a black picture of Islam in order to start WW3 between Christianity and the Islamic World. That's why they started and up to this day control ISIS/Daesh.

2. Stephen Paddock was not a violent person and never bought automatic mass shooting guns.

3. He was a former Lockheed Martin employee! Almost everybody working there is under mind control to guaranty they do not talk about the secret space program and other military secrets of the US.

4. The FIB doubts, that ISIS is behind, in spite of the fact that they claimed responsibility.

5. Stephen Paddock committed suicide, that's part of the mind control programming, to get rid of the evidence. Even suicide by cop is very usual for mind control victims.

6. Mainstream media directly argues to take away guns from the people, because the NSA and CIA is afraid of courageous American citizens.

7. Google has already censured away articles which I found yesterday with the search words Stephen Paddock mind control. That is probably the best evidence that Stephen Paddock was under mind control. This is confirmed in the first video below! Update okt 5th, 2017: This video is now again taken away by Google/YouTube. White TV has loaded it up on Vimeo, a competitor to YouTube. This is the second film below. This article does not show up if you google the words Las Vegas Stephen Paddock mind control or Las Vegas mind control.

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BANNED VIDEO! Las Vegas Shooting MKULTRA Mind Control Theory from Henning Witte on Vimeo.