Hurricane Harvey Made in USA

2017-09-01 15:50


When Hurricane Harvey stroke I knew directly it was made in USA, home made, like Katrina. Our summer in northern Europe was destroyed by the US and all extreme weather is just now artificially made. There are a lot of purposes, one is weather warfare against Russia, an other punishing Texas for it's immigration restrictions.Those who control the weather-war-mashines also control the migration war against our nations.

I just waited for some good films summarizing the evidence and yesterday I found the first at David Ickes headlines and today the second film at the German equivalent Das Erwachen der Valkyrjar. The most popular blog in Germany, Der Honigmann sagt, is just censured by WordPress and disappeared last night completely. Don't use WordPress!

Der Honigmann publishes now at Das Erwachen der Valkyrjar.

I don't agree with the second film-maker, that the swimming platform, a Swedish product, is not connected to HAARP. As far as I know it is, se more here.

In Swedish:

USA förstör vår sommar 2017 för att djävlas med Ryssland, fullt väderkrig;

US-Marine flyttar HAARP-Platform SBX-1 till Korea: jordbävning?

Sveriges delaktighet i det Amerikanska Vädervapnet HAARP;