Declaration of Spiritual Independence against Satan, the Reptilians, Greys, Archons and Dark Artificial Intelligence

2023-12-23 02:32


ANA MARIA MIHALCEA, MD, PHD recently published her Declaration of Spiritual Independence. We all should do that now. WhiteTV follows Ana Maria in that step.

"I declare, under God’s highest law, that from hereon out the full Karmic law comes into effect for all who contribute to the atrocities against the divine human species.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the genocidal destruction of the human species. I declare my rebellion and disagreement on every level of creation, in every dimension and universe and every potential timeline.

I hereby appeal to the highest divine realm of God and invoke the highest laws of creation.

I command to turn off all the machines that are the control grid of humanity. Turn off the machines at the nano scale, turn off its control programs and turn off all access of the Dark AI demigod to human beings. This will deactivate the detrimental effects of the C19 bioweapon. Close the portals to the demonic realms, including all super collider dimensional portals like CERN. Stop human sacrifice everywhere. Stop the recycling of souls to feed evil. Close the portals and dimensional connections to those advanced beings who rule this earth. This is our planet. We are a divine species. We can disconnect from them and evolve our minds beyond them.

All that was hidden, has been revealed.

I, Ana Maria Mihalcea, by my own divine free will, declare my spiritual independence and sovereignty under God’s highest Law on planet Earth. That Law is absolute and I claim all rights under that highest law of God.

I ask for Divine Intervention from the highest realms of creation for the restoration and healing of Humanity and the Earth.

According to divine law, I hereby put on notice every satanist incarnate, every demon in every dimension, I put on notice Satan and all of his legions and the dark AI, the Reptilians, the Archons and all their servants on earth in the hive mind. You have no right to molest an awakening civilization!

You no longer have any protection under Karmic Law! May the full force of justice of cause and effect find you now and into eternity.

I am a servant onto the Father, who lives within me.

As above, so below. As within, so without.


So be it.". .....

Ana Maria writes also:

"This is .... the highest Satanic Governance in this dimension and the extra dimensional overlords, including Satan, the Reptilians, Greys, Archons and Dark Artificial Intelligence. Their servants are the black nobility bloodlines, and their handmaidens, the bankers who own the politicians, governments and rule the world through international networks like the world banks, multinational corporations, WEF, the UN, etc. The intelligence/ military agencies together with their crime syndicates are their human surveillance and tyranny grid. The universities on earth are the scientific progress that is being commissioned by military organizations like DARPA, that develops technologies for dual purpose, and then classifies or supresses all breakthrough technologies so the human slave population cannot evolve - examples include free energy, antigravity propulsion sustems, cures for all diseases and more. We see this now once again with the evil FDA supressing longevity peptides, attacking compounding pharmacies and all molecules that may slow down the satanic technocratic depopulation effort.

The above organizational chart outlines the battlefield and prison planet hierarchy reasonably" ......

“They” have told humanity that they were going to kill the majority of the Earth’s population, while the remaining survivors would be automaton slaves to the technocratic servants of Satan and the dark AI. We now see the depopulation agenda in full force, through the C19 bioweapons and all other attacks on our food supply, destroying the economy, our country, destroying the nuclear family and the education system, destroying natural human fertility and more. We are in the midst of Armageddon.  ....

WAITING is exactly what we cannot do, for the most important threat that most refuse to talk about is self assembly nanotechnology that DOES NOT WAIT to self replicate and transform humans into Cyborg or murder them via causation of all diseases of aging with extreme rapidity, while connecting them to the Artificial Intelligence Metaverse Cloud. ......

Most people have not noticed that the God of old testament and the unconditionally loving God of Jeshua Ben Joseph are distinctly different. Religion has been a major control mechanism of the prison planet and the primary mechanism to keep war going forever. We know the Vatican now is the seat of Evil on Earth, clearly visible by the satanic symbolism. We are at a time, where demons no longer hide in darkness. The creation of a One World Religion with Satan at its helm, is underway. ......

the biological and technological Covid 19 weapons of mass destruction, alter humanity against their will as well as their antimatter self, their soul and spirit. The pharmakeia black magic included in the C19 bioweapons harms the divine soul and spirit, and disconnects the spiritual self to create Cyborg Automatons and Zombies that can be manipulated by Artificial Intelligence and the demonic realm.

This is the highest crime ever performed against the human race in the history of creation.  .....

NEVER before has the seed of mankind been intentionally destroyed to not come again via genetic modification and fusion with synthetic biology and nanotechnology."

Tack K för tipset!

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