Moderna Patent: Nanocensor Contained = Antennas for Scalar Waves = nanochips = nanobots

2021-12-06 08:53


The structure of the poisonous Graphene oxide are hexagons, sixcorners. Hexagons are antennas for the secret Tesla-waves = magnetic scalar waves. They have been kept secret for more than 100 years because they are connected to free energy and mind control technology.

Our entire Body works with scalar waves, sometimes propagating quicker than light. So graphene oxide is a nanochip being injected in all stupid humans who took the Covid-vaccines. The body uses magnetic scalar waves. Thats why so many vaccin victims have magnetic effects in their body.

By that way they can be totaly remote controlled. That means they can change the Covid-19 bioweapon into other variants as Omicron, they can order that vaccinated people are contagious against nonvaccinated and they can cause other diseases in the vaccine-victim. Finaly the nanochips/nanobots are a kill switch. If they want, you die instantly.

Dr Ariyana Love calls the nanochips in this interview for nanocensors.