Virtudes Pontes Sánchez detected Reptilian embryo pictures next to human in Jordanian Black Desert

2021-11-04 21:58

Virtudes Pontes Sánchez is a Spanish researcher with research activities for more than 28 years in the areas of ancient scriptures, apocrypha, mythology, legend and megalithic archaeology.
The central aim of her dissertation is to prove the true history of humankind, as well as the reality of the creation of human being and the other living creatures and confirm through completely conclusive and verifiable evidence by any expert in biology.
The current issue is addressed to all disciplines of biology in all fields of research concerning living species, the human being, together with all animal and vegetal beings in order that all experts keep a close eye to the next statement of facts and evidence:
blue circle Reptilian embryo and red human
In the Jordanian Black Desert several circles (70 to 100 meters diameter) can be clearly distinguished thanks to the technological development which makes effective the high-definition photographing from satellites. Said circles compound specific geoglyphs and are created with stones of basalt Furthermore, they are still a matter of speculation by archaeologists, who have speculated about different theories and scopes. However, no archaeologist has a clear idea of what they really represent and their finality.
When she saw those images and after her experience of more than 28 years researching the ancient scripture and the megalithic archaeology she realized what the above mentioned circles of basalt are and the role they fulfill.
You will find some pictures of the aforeshown circles and her thesis explaining her conclusions here below:
Picture of the geoglyphs located in the Jordanian desert:

Comments from White TV:
We know from the worlds leading Reptilian researcher Simon Parkes that the most mighty and powerfull White Dragon Reptilians are the best researchers when it comes to genetics. They even have an intergalactic trade with genes.
About 220 000 years ago the Dracos changed humans into homo sapiens sapiens with genemanipulations that have nothing to do with evolution, one of the Reptilians huge lies.
Therefore biologists speak of the missing link!
The Dracos made us humans to perfect slaves: too stupid to detect that, but intelligent enough to be usefull as slaves. They also cut away 10 of our 12 DNA-strings.
Besides that crime against the devine creation they constructed the Anunnaki, human/reptilian hybrids with 50% genes from each race and primarily reptilian souls. They could/can hide behind a human body but shapeshift into a Reptilian body at will. So humans could be misslead that there att no Reptilians on Earth.
Those Anunnaki were than given positions of power as Kings and Queens untill today, the Queen of England f e.
Thanks Ingemar for that very important hint!