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Deutsche Bank erkänner guld- och silverpris manipulation

2016-04-15 18:25

White TV har predikat sedan länge att alla viktiga prissättningar är riggade på den här planeten. Man blir trött på alla guld- och silverpris analytiker som kommer med argument från marknaden som skulle ha påverkat guldpriset. De har inte förstått ädelmetallmarknaden. Om marknaden hade något med guldpriset att göra skulle det vara minst 10 gånger högre än idag, då många människor och länder i världen har köpt mycket guld de senaste åren. Efterfrågan är enorm.

Men guldpriset bestäms efter hur de stora drakarna bakom kulisserna tycker att det passar deras intressen. Så har det alltid varit. Bara GATA har varit en ensam röst i rymden att samla och publicera bevis på guldprismanipulationen. Men fulmedia, myndigheter och politiker har tigit. Först på senare år sipprade litet mer manipulationsinfo fram. De schweiziska myndigheterna drog öronen vid sig 2015, men deras utredning mot UBS, Julius Baer, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays, Morgan Stanley och Mitsui har inte blivit klar ännu.

Men idag/igår kom glädjande nyheter från USA: Deutsche Bank har krupit till kors två gånger, först i en domstolsförlikning inom ramen för fusket med silverpriset och sedan en liknande rättegång med förlikning om guldprismanipulationen, rapporterar Zero Hedge idag:

"Some more headlines:

  • Reaches settlement in U.S. litigation alleging it conspired to fix gold prices.
  • Plaintiffs' lawyers, in filing, say Deutsche Bank has signed a settlement term sheet
  • Plaintiffs' lawyers say are negotiating formal settlement agreement that would be presented for judge's approval later
  • Plaintiffs' lawyers say settlement contemplates a monetary payment by Deutsche Bank
  • Gold settlement follows similar accord involving alleged silver price-fixing that was disclosed on Wednesday

Most importantly, as the actual settlement reveals, Deutsche has agreed that in addition to once again providing "valuable monetary consideration" which will be paid into a settlement fund, that like in the silver settlement it will provide "cooperation in pursuing claims against the remaining Defendants."

Deutsche Bank lovar alltså att ge bevis för att sätta dit de andra storbankerna också. Perfekt!

Riktigt roligt är också att Deutsche Bank ger en örfil till den amerikanska tillsynsmyndigheten CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission):

"Finally, we'll just remind readers that the US commodity "regulator", the CFTC in 2013 closed its five year investigation concerning allegations that the biggest bullion banks manipulate silver markets and prices.  It proudly reported in September 2013 that it found no evidence of wrongdoing and dropped the probe."

Kanske dags att plocka bort mutkolvarna hos CFTC och börja med en ärlig utredning!

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Simon Parkes April Newsletter important

2015-04-08 20:48

Simon Parkes is not only an experiencer but a kind of whistleblower. His April newsletter is very important news:

"Welcome to the April edition of my newsletter.  The last 6 weeks have seen some of the greatest activities on this planet perhaps not seen for the last 20 years.
In March it may be remembered that President Putin disappeared for some ten days and I can now reveal what he did.  Apart from meeting Chinese officials and formerly signing the BRICS agreement, the elite American government personnel along with their allies in UK rerouted sensitive encrypted information along the VPN line in the Ukraine.  This information contained, amongst others, reports from the atomic energy commission and Britain’s spy centre known as GCHQ.  This information was fabricated and it was hoped that the Russian secret service would intercept these transmissions.  Encoded in this information was the false report that Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet had targeted their missiles on Russia,  I am left with no other conclusion than to believe that this was an attempt to start a 3rd world war.  Thank god President Putin realised the trick and did not respond militarily, however this was the final act that convinced him to sign the BRICS agreement - for up until now he had not formally signed.  This is why he nationalized the main bank in Russia, because he required a state run bank to trade in the new currency which of course will be gold backed.  Within his inner circle he formed a special committee of between 3 and 5 people who now are very much involved in rolling out of the alternative gold backed system. I understand President Putin had a recent addition to his family and I congratulate him.

On a far more sinister note an arm of the Zionist regime sent a hit squad in an attempt to assassinate President Putin, this was thwarted and at the same time a hit squad was despatched to take out President Obama.  That is why some 10 members of the senate were recently arrested - because this plot also failed.  So now we begin to see why America at its highest levels is fearful of the new gold backed currency.  With China, Switzerland, India, Brazil, potentially Hungary, Iceland and even the United Kingdom wishing to join, America is being isolated economically.

One of the major reasons for the CIA instigating revolution in Ukraine was a pay back to certain Zionist factions.  When America came off the gold standard the Rothschild’s were asked to value America, as of January this year America has exceeded its debt by 22 times which means its 22 times overspent compared to its value.  This has a devastating impact on imported goods where one country who imports does not have gold backed currency while the other country that exports has.  We can all see the cliff edge that America now balances on, it is for this reason that I feel, barring dramatic intervention, the period of July to October could be crucial.

In relation to the CERN device after 2 years of developmental work and non operation the final part of the 26 mile extension was being put into place when damage occurred to the tubing.  This has put back the operation of the device yet again and we await with interest to see the development.  Many people are making predictions about the Planet X, I certainly am of the opinion that a large foreign body will come close to the earth in the very near future although it will not strike the earth.  The CERN device could be used against such an object.  In short let us imagine a bank and the bank manager goes on holiday leaving the bank employees to usurp their position then the bank manager returns to take charge of the bank and the employees try to stop him.  This is a rather a light hearted analogy of the situation on planet earth at the present time.

There have over the recent years been so many aeroplane crashes and these are terribly tragic, the most recent was the German aeroplane, I wonder what message was being sent to the German government.

Take even this:

Is Russia Preparing to Move to the Gold Standard?


Pappersguldbörsen COMEX har fått problem

2014-11-30 22:05


UBS-banken skall böta för guldprismanipulation

2014-11-10 22:09


Den schweiziska UBS-bankjätten har tydligen ertappats att manipulera guldpriset. Chefen för guldhandeln i Zürich, André Flotron, fick nyligen sparken i smyg. UBS, HSBC, JP Morgan och några få andra av de största bankdrakarna har sedan länge riggat guldpriset i samarbete med FED och andra centralbanker. De bestämmer guldpriset varje dag efter eget bevåg och tyvärr inte marknaden.

Igår kom Finacial Times med glädjande nyheter:

UBS to settle allegations over precious metals trading

"UBS is to settle allegations of misconduct at its precious metals trading business alongside a planned agreement between UK and US authorities and seven banks over accusations of foreign exchange market rigging.

The Swiss lender is one of a group of banks including Barclays, Citigroup, HSBC, JPMorgan and Royal Bank of Scotland that are set to announce an agreement of at least £1.5bn on Wednesday to settle forex rigging allegations with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

Several US authorities are also expected to be part of the settlement, including the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the US, while Switzerland’s Finma may also take part. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is also expected to settle but only with US authorities.

UBS is expected to strike a settlement over alleged trader misbehaviour at its precious metals desks with at least one authority as part of a group deal over forex with multiple regulators this week, two people close to the situation said. They cautioned that the timing of a precious metals deal could still slip to a date after the forex agreement.

Regulators around the world have alleged that traders at a number of banks colluded and shared information about client orders to manipulate prices in the $5.3tn-a-day forex market.

UBS has previously disclosed that it launched an internal probe of its precious metals business in addition to its forex investigation. It declined to comment for this article.

Unlike at other banks, UBS’s precious metals and forex businesses are closely integrated. The business units have joint management and the bank’s precious metals staff – who mainly trade gold and silver – sit on the same floor as the forex traders.

One person familiar with UBS’s internal probe said that the bank found a small number of potentially problematic incidents at its precious metals desk."

Många anser att de konstiga "självmord" som spridit sig bland bankanställda på sista tiden hänger ihop med guldprismanipulationen. Vissa kretsar har inget behov av sådana vittnen.

Tyska finansinspektionen BaFin har nu också börjat utreda guld- och silverprismanipulationerna.

Läs även: UBS Investigated For Gold Manipulation Suggesting Gold Inquiry Goes Beyond London Fix

Missa inte det spännande inslaget från Paul Craig Roberts om detta ämne: The Hows and Whys of Gold Price Manipulation

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Även Valutamarknad manipulerad;

Guld-, silver- och andra marknader ständigt manipulerade;


Allan Greenspan bekräftar att guld är pengar och våra fiatpengar är dödsdömda

2014-11-09 23:15


Redan innan f.d. FED-chefen Allan Greenspan blev USA:s mäktigaste finansman hade han klart uttalat sig för guldet och emot fiat-money. Detta upprepade han nu igen i ett tal inför CFR den 29 okt 2014:

Det är fortfarande inte för sent att spara i guld och silver.

Se även på White TV: Olja för guld, nya guldbörser och en konkurrent till SWIFT knäcker USA;

USA har stulit Tysklands guld för att manipulera guldpriset;

Rothschild, sluta manipulera guldpriset!;