How the City of London Controls the World Power

2011-06-19 21:52

The City of London is an independent territory in the UK. Even the Queen has to ask permission if she want’s to enter. This I got confirmed by a London taxi driver on my last visit to London. In the City of London the world financial power is concentrated. It’s run by a few key families with one family residing over all the others: the Rothschilds. They are responsible for the huge Ponzi scheme our financial system is, because of two facts:

1. Private banks can create money out of thin air. That leads to a clandestine expropriation on six different levels making the banksters richer and richer.

2. All money coming into circulation is credit. If all credits would be paid back there would be no money. That means that the amount of money necessary for the interest payments does not exist right from the beginning. The system forces always someone to take a new loan in order to pay the interest for old loans.

This Ponzi scheme is the worst of all because there is an inevitable force that someone always needs to take a new loan because the money for the interest must be created by that way. In the beginning the problem is not obvious because nobody has to repay it’s loan directly with 100%. So the money for the interest is taken from the money that is needed to repay the loan itself. But in the long run, after 70, 80 years the problem comes to light. Unfortunately we are living at that time now. Every Ponzi has to collapse by mathematical reasons. Our collapse is very close. Probably already this summer 2011.