US murdered 11 holistic doctors for GcMAF

Saturday, 10 October 2015 19:27


Holistic doctors cure cancer patients with alternative medicine. That works much better than chemotherapy, which is an insane method to torture and/or kill people instead of curing them. If they survive chemo it is because of their believe in it, a kind of placebo effect.

Professor Konstantin Meyl has a much better method with scalar waves killing cancer cells, that is chemo without side effects, because Meyl communicates with cancer cells exclusively sending them deadly information. But this method is of course hushed up by corrupt main stream media and doctors.

Heart attacks and cancer can be induced artificially by scalar weapons. The most famous victim was Hugo Chavez from Venezuela.

If there are mysterious deaths and the suspicion falls on secret services like NSA, CIA, FBI and DEA, there is a twist of the burden of proof: the US authorities have to proof that they are innocent, because they have all the means to do that.

In the cases above the FBI has visited all the holistic doctors secretly and threatened them shortly before their deaths.

A lot of that murdered doctors were working on the conspiracy against GcMAF, which suddenly got banned by the criminal FDA:

29 Holistic Doctors/Practitioners Found Poisoned in Germany, Some Nearly Dead. Another Attack on Alternative Medicine?

Other cancer info on White TV:

FDA = Serial Killer;

USA misstänks mördad Hugo Chavez då cancer kan induceras med strålningsvapen;

Cancerdoktorn Ryke Geerd Hamer största medicinska snillet i vår tid;

Cancervården vållar ny cancer för att fylla Big Pharmas fickor;

White TV refers even to the beginning of the second film, which is the most important of this films below.: