Who sells a John Searl free energy magnet motor to me in my fight against greedy Vattenfall/Sweden?

Thursday, 15 August 2019 18:18

In the beginning of July 2019 I put out a request on WTV in Swedish, that I need a free energy device for my property in Östergötland, Sweden. I have denied to pay Vattenfalls electricity-bills for their ”service” to provide me with the copper-net so that an other company is able to deliver electricity to me. That means two bills every month. When Sweden introduced this split they promised lower electricity-bills because of the competition. That was nonsense. The prices more than doubled. This copper-net is paid thousand times for by the Swedish tax-payers since long time ago.

The Swedish state, who owns Vattenfall, is taking that company as an extra taxation machine, in order to finance the criminal Swedish migration politics, devastating Sweden with rapes and mass-shootings almost every day. No other country in Europe tolerated so much immigrants per capita than Sweden, most of them having no legal reasons for asylum.

Because I don't want to pay for my own demise I protested against the Vattenfall bills with the legal argument of usury. This was in the beginning of 2018. Vattenfall did not dare to take the case to court and tolerated that I did not pay for the period of about one year. But in winter 2019 they summed up all the delayed month' and demanded immediate payment, threatening to take the matter to court. I was happy about that.

But so they did not! They didn't dare, because their legal position is very weak and I'm a skilled business lawyer. Instead they cut of my electrical power supply without saying a word or a warning. During the cruel Swedish winter!

Therefore I wish to become independent from Vattenfalls electricity network and criminal activity and look for a free energy device.

The Swedes are either too stupid or too much cowards, so nobody wanted to help me. Therefore I plead to the English speaking world for help. I know that there are a lot of hidden inventors through out the world just waiting to sell their products.

Nicola Tesla Konstantin Meyl

I have very strong spiritual protection and are therefore able to manage to buy and later sell free energy devices without being murdered, even in larger quantities. I belong also to the very tiny group of people who knows the theoretical physics behind free energy devices, because I made a thorough study of the works of genius Nicola Tesla and physics professor genius Konstantin Meyl, who survived three attempts on his life.

The classical free energy from the aether, zero-point, vacuum, is neutrino-power. But there are even very interesting magnet motors developed.


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