NSA had 9/11 foreknowledge

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 17:57

William Binney is the second most well known NSA whistleblower. He attended the worlds first mind control conference in Brussels, 20 November 2014. On that Covert Harassment Conference organized by Peter Mooring Binney gave a speech on NSA’s relationship analysis: how a person is monitored by the NSA second by second, by logging all possible communication systems data and analysing this. This is a total totalitarian process destroying democracy.




Binney showed a lot of the Snowden material, which had already been published. He gave evidence that the NSA had foreknowledge of the terror attacks on 9/11. Therefore he calls the NSA the New Stasi Agency.


Binney complains that the NSA is illegally using their collected data against private persons. That’s a violation of all constitutions in the civilized world.


Binney tells about USA’s trick to hide that they were spying illegally on people. The trick is called Parallel Construction. That is the use of normal investigative techniques to recreate the information criminally provided by the NSA surveillance.

The collection of data is manly done by looking on the fibre lines. More than 80% of them are in the USA.

Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) is also a tool for the criminal work of the NSA.


Längst ner en liten film som bevisar att det pågår censur inom Google i Sverige också. Inslaget på White TV med rubriken Scalar Waves used in Mind Control togs bort från sökningen med sökorden scalar waves mind control och scalar waves in mind control. Enbart med sökorden scalar waves used in mind control dyker det upp. Märkligt är också att det en gång dyker upp i Firefox men kort därefter inte längre, förmodligen för att försvåra min censurkontroll....


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