New assassination attempt on targeted individual M Olsson, while his gold protection was weak

2013-11-23 20:38

White TV reported earlier that targeted individual (ti) Magnus Olsson from Sweden survived a suffocation attempt on his life in Okt 2013. Magnus is taking homeopathic gold, aurum metallicum, in order to shield himself against electronic harassment, mind control. This helps quite well if he is combining D30 an C100. When the C100 was finished and he only took D30 the perpetrators hit him with a remote controlled suffocation attack. Magnus was forced to stop breathing and got blue in his face. His mother, Elisabeth, is a nurse and managed to save his life. It was very dramatic.

On 15th Nov 2013 Magnus and his mother flew to Geneva on behalf of EUCACH to brief the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) on the cruel treatment by mind control. Shortly after that, a new remote controlled suffocation attack was launched against targeted individual Magnus Olsson. He lost consciousness and his mother saved him again with CPR. Because he had his homeopathic gold on the airplane from Stockholm to Switzerland, the high altitude on the plane weakened the gold. Homeopathic products consist on wave/ frequency patterns, not chemistry, and those patterns can be disturbed in high altitudes by cosmic radiation.

So, once again the homeopathic gold protection shield from Magnus Olsson was weakened and the perpetrators noticed that immediately and hit him in this vulnerable position. Probably the attack was triggered by Mr. Computer and not a human, because the controlling computer uses scalar waves and if you establish resonance with scalar waves this special kind of waves allows a two way communication between targeted individual and perpetrator. Probably the computer was trained to react when the scalar information goes in, that the protection is weakened.

Thanks to Alfred Lambremont Webre that he is focusing on this kind of issues.

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