Earthquake and Tsunami Warning for US West Coast Nov 13th

2012-11-11 19:47

Prof. Meyl, the Nikola Tesla genius of our time, has been warning since long time ago, that the solar eclipse Nov 13th, 2012 could trigger an earthquake/tsunami at the US West Coast. He has figured out, that the moon is acting like a lens for the neutrino radiation (scalar waves) from the sun during an eclipse. This focused beam can grow so intense, that it gets the capability to trigger an earthquake. In 2006, physics Prof. Meyl made a prediction that an earthquake would occur in the aftermath of a solar eclipse over the Mediterranean Sea in Europe and he got right. This amazing story was recorded by German state owned television ZDF.

The solar eclipse on Nov 13th will play out over the South Pacific and therefore not be a direct threat, because almost nobody is living there,

But, the neutrino beam is probably lifting the southern part of the Pacific plate, causing the northern part to dive down, or the plate is breaking in the middle. The plates movement is first hitting the northern part of the New Zealand island and shortly later the San Andreas Fault, which got already heavily damaged by several earthquakes recently at the Canadian West Coast. Therefore the risk is huge that the San Andreas Fault is cracking totally. This implicates that all the long US West Coast from San Diego to Seattle is in danger!

Really nasty it could become some days after Nov 13th, because a pressure wave is expected to grow beneath the earth crust during those days. This can trigger huge tectonic movements being more powerful compared to Nov 13th, which are also capable to put the US West Coast at severe risk.

If this would not be enough, a lot of important planets are lined up in an unusual row, which can amplify the earthquake/tsunami. This is backed up by a rising sunspot activity.

Besides that, I suspect, an other dangerous factor being involved: HAARP in Gakona Alaska. It is believed, that Frankenstorm Sandy got a kick from a weaker neutrino beam related to the last new moon in Oct 2012 in the Caribbean. It is a matter of fact that Sandy mostly was triggered by HAARP, so the following tactic is visible: the HAARP-criminals wait until mother nature is presenting favorable conditions which are than exploited to save HAARP energy, to hide behind them and to amplify earthquakes compared to the natural sequence of events.

Landscape near the 28th, Oct Canadian epicenter – image courtesy Flavienm

There is a substantial risk that the same tactics could be used Nov 13th and the following days. There is circumstantial evidence that this could be the case:

I got very amazed that the Canadian earthquakes Oct 28th, 2012 started at a depth of exactly 10 km. This is a smoking HAARP gun. The strange thing was, that almost nothing got destroyed in this scarcely populated area. So I wondered why the HAARP-psychopaths had focused on that spot. Usually they aim for chaos, destruction and huge human suffering (or tempering with presidential elections). But referring to Prof. Meyls research the Canadian earthquakes were probably triggered by HAARP in order to weaken the San Andreas Fault, so it can get totally cracked when the next neutrino- and HAARP attack will struck on Nov 13th, 2012 and the days after.

White TV advises not to make a trip to the US West Coast next week.